3 Data Recovery Myths that Don’t Work

3 Data Recovery Myths that Don’t Work

Data loss is one of the most frustrating problems the users encounter but still, no concrete solution has been found for it. Many people do not understand the seriousness and complexity of data recovery and thus follow some ‘do it yourself’ techniques to recover data. But this could be a recipe for disaster as you might not only miserably fail to recover data, but even could make it more difficult for professionals to retrieve data for you. ‘A little information is a dangerous thing’ and thus contacting the data recovery services right away could be your best choice. Taking the matter into your own hands might make the data recovery impossible. Let us get on with debunking some major myths about data recovery.

3 Data Recovery Myths that Don’t Work

Open it up
Many people might speculate that opening the hard drive to check the components could be a potential solution for data recovery. It becomes important to understand that during this process, dust and dirt might accumulate in the drive and result in an even bigger problem. Opening these devices extremely carefully and in clean surroundings becomes important to ensure that no additional damage is done. People usually trust their hearing abilities to judge whether the hard drive is functioning or not by evaluating the spinning and clicking sounds.

But it is hardly a logical way to repair your hard drive as many hard drives come with silent operations technology which reduces the spinning sound to a minimum. So whenever you are lifting the lid of the hard drive next time all by yourself, just remember that you might be making the retrieval of data even more difficult by putting the disk at the risk of physical damage.

Hard drive got no chill
If you believe you can play with physics, you might try to freeze the hard drive. The logic behind this technique which people believe is that the jammed hard drive structures can be freed if they shrink. By freezing the hard drive they intend to temporarily remove the damage to the parts which are stuck. But this technique causes much harm and damage to the drive than good. Freezing the hard drive usually leads to moisture formation, which leads to water damage to the hard drive. The hard drive platters might also get affected due to this act.

Thus, moisture formation would lead to permanent damage to the drive and its components, making the data recovery impossible in many of the cases.

The magical software
Many softwares promise to recover data from your hard drives with relative ease. But these software try to do it without even knowing about the problem the drive or storage is encountering, making their data recovering capabilities highly limited. For instance, a physical problem with the hard drive cannot be solved by any software application. Many such software try to overwrite the data files and thus recover it. But this step might as well lead to permanent loss of data. Most of such automatic software can harm the contents of the drive and make data recovery even more difficult.

Still if you want to go with the DIY software, a utility software would be recommended that lets you take a backup before working on the files. Thus if something goes wrong, the software can undo the operations which it performed.

The bottom line is, that taking the hard drive or the device to a professional data recovery agency as the problem presents itself is the safest bet you can go with. This helps you to evaluate the damage and what would be the best and most efficient way to recover the lost data.