3 Most Common Hard Drive Problems and their Solutions

Hard drive failure is one of the biggest nightmares because it stores a large amount of data which can be accessed at any time. It is one of the core components of the computer system since without it the system can’t operate. Often our hard disk fails or crashes suddenly and we find ourselves clueless because all of our precious data gets lost.

The warning signs of hard disk often go undetected because these symptoms are quite similar to other computer issues like viruses and malware. In this post, we have shared the three most common hard drive problems and their solutions.


  1. Virus and Malware Threats
    One of the biggest and most common threats is the viruses and malware which infect the system and corrupt the files that are stored on the hard drive. Your system can get infected with malicious programs through external media, drives or internet which attack the entire system. The first solution to this problem is updating your computer’s operating system from time to time. Also, installing anti-virus software is a must which should be updated regularly. In addition to this, use firewall protection and ad blockers while surfing the internet.
  1. Corrupted Files
    Another issue happens when the files become corrupt. This happens usually when you improperly shut down your computer, or due to power gush, or using programs infected with a virus. Also, sometimes this problem results when you accidentally close programs while they are running. To prevent this issue, first, it is necessary to close down all programs that are running before shutting down your computer.
    Also, always shut down the system in the right way. In case your files become corrupted, click the “Start” button and type cmd. When a black window pops up, enter the code “chkdsk g:/f” and then press “Enter”. In case this trick doesn’t work, you may use hard drive recovery software by downloading it on your system. Sometimes, the problem is more serious than you think and in such situation to the only way to recover your lost data is by calling a professional data recovery service.
  1. Overheating
    Hard drive failure is often linked to the problem of overheating which damages the hard drive and other internal mechanisms of your computer. When the system fan is not working or working very slow, the computer will not be ventilated and can easily overheat. A common sign of this issue is a clicking noise from the internal components of the system.
    To prevent the drive from overheating, make sure the CPU is properly installed and make arrangements for CPU cooling. You can install smart tools so that you get warning signs when the system overheats. One way to fix the issue is by using a thermal paste to seal the gaps around the CPU fan so that the fan runs efficiently. When repairing is not sufficient, it’s time to replace the fan.
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