3 Reasons why your Organization Needs Network Security like Never Before

3 Reasons why your Organization Needs Network Security like Never Before

3 Reasons why your Organization Needs Network Security like Never Before
Any organization demands a certain amount of privacy involved with sensitive data and information management. With increased dependence on technology for survival of a business there is also an increased need of network security for most organizations that have evolved to a technological system of working.

There are innumerable reasons why network security is needed however 3 of them are common to most organizations involved.

Mobile Malware
The days when network security was easy and definite are long extinct. With the dawning of the mobile age and increased usage of mobile devices, users are no more fixed within defined network perimeters. Users along with their network devices are constantly moving hence causing network security to be highly dynamic. Dynamic nature of security, thrilling as it sounds, poses great danger to your information. What acts as a catalyst to malware attacks is the fact that most mobile devices are often absolutely unprotected or under protected. This makes them vulnerable to malware attacks and data loss. Malware developers target this lack of security and thereby attack and exploit devices that are unsecured. Another reason why mobile phones are a potential target for malware developers is that the URL visibility on mobiles is limited as compared to personal computers or laptops. Mobiles have a plethora of important business related information that we seek to protect and attackers seek to attack. So it is only advisable to keep up your guards and keep optimum security on your devices.

Advent of intelligent attacks
Network security attacks in modern days are fine examples of the highly professional and sophisticated nature of work that the modern attackers are fast adapting to. And this is only the beginning. There have been predictions by security experts that these attackers will soon be even more specific in their attacks – being more clear on their aims, objectives and even their attack strategies. Network threats are no more limited to a sole motive and are diversified into a series of motives ranging from entertainment to business rivalry to gaining access to information they are not supposed to have. Gone are the days when hacking was done for the sole purpose of laying ones hands on a few extra dollars. Gradually the intensity of the attacks is sharp enough to trick even a pro at hacking attack management and thereby carrying out the required motives in a manner few know. While you’d believe you’ve blocked access from one end, attackers make sure they have multiple means of entry to the information you got to offer.

While most businesses and organizations still deploy a single track network security solution, attackers have proved their wit and outsmarted the hacking managers these organizations boast of. Security experts themselves leave at times certain weak links in the security so as to cause damage to the entire network security plan as the weak link gets to be the soft target of the ever so intelligent hacker. Therefore the need to be smart in your effort to strengthen the network security is high and one needs to see from the view of the hacker of what about your network security might lead them to believe that it is an easy target they have. So make sure you keep revising your network security plans so as to not get outsmarted by the hackers with malicious intent.

Hackers and their interest in every single network
Hacking into your system may not be a requirement, who said it had to be? Hackers these days have started following the rule of spare none when it comes to deciding which computers to attack? Attackers no more target only big names since they know that the bigger brand it is, the more will they be cautious of hackers and stronger the network security they would probably have. Thus hackers these days are smarter. They target smaller businesses and organizations that are yet to establish strong feet as they can be easy and vulnerable hacking targets. Also, with advent of technology the hackers can remain well untracked for the longest periods of time thereby making it more a practise and hobby for them to hack into businesses for the sake of it. So drop the attitude of “ Why would it ever happen to me?” since you’d never be sure why were you the chosen guinea pig.

Network security is thereby of utmost importance to all businesses alike since a little careless mistake can cost you more than what money can compensate. All the time you’ve ever put into the business might be lost if only your network security happens to be your weak link. Security need not be more important that the productivity of your business but it should sure be a part of your priorities for your business. Words of regret later won’t help, A step of action now – might.