3 Ways to Recover Lost or Deleted Word Document on Mac

3 Ways to Recover Lost or Deleted Word Document on Mac

The Microsoft Word Document is extremely popular all over the world and is used by many people to save their essential files and text. Many of the companies send a reminder with the document requests, asking to submit the work as DOCX or DOC Microsoft Word File. If for any reason you are unable to create the document in the required format, then there are the possibilities that your work may not be accepted. It will hinder your performance.

3 Ways to Recover Lost or Deleted Word Document on Mac

Those who work on MAC have many options for the word processing program. They can make use of macOS pages application that lets users save files in different formats, including Microsoft Word document. Also, the Microsoft Office for the MAC can be opted, so that work is directly done on the word app.

Some features of Microsoft word make it more useful in the case of collaboration. If you use Office 365, then you may have word files on your MAC. Whatever the situation is, it is you who have to decide how to work and which option is comfortable for you.

Sometimes, while working on the MAC circumstances may arise where you need to recover your word document on the MAC. There are many reasons for which such a situation can occur. Some of them are:

Not to worry, because there are ways to recover lost or deleted word documents! Now let’s look at three tried and tested methods:

For a detailed explanation, go through the following points:

  1. Recovering word document using the AutoRecovery feature of MS Word
    This feature automatically saves a copy of the open document after every ten minutes. You can change the settings and time intervals of auto save as per your suitability.
  • Open a finder window on your MAC and enter ‘AutoRecovery’ in the search field.
  • You will be presented with a list of files. Select the file that you want to recover.
  • After opening the document, save it with the name you want.
  1. Recover using trash bin or backups
    If your saved document gets deleted accidentally, then there is no auto-recovery option available. However, if you have not emptied your trash folder, then you can recover it. In the trash folder right click on the file name and then select ‘Put Back.’
    If you are in the habit of taking regular backups, then nothing like it. You can recover the lost or deleted file from the backup.
  1. Hire Apple MAC recovery service provider
    Data recovery service providers are experts and know how to recover lost or corrupted data. Whatever the reason for document loss is, they make sure that the file is recovered carefully without any loss of data.