4 Popular Hard Disk Drive Problems and Solutions

4 Popular Hard Disk Drive Problems and Solutions

4 Popular Hard Disk Drive Problems and Solutions

Hard disk drives are one of the vital components of the computer system without which a system cannot operate. It has a tendency to store a huge amount of data that can be easily accessed anywhere at any time. Being a mechanical device it is prone to damages and its failures often result in tremendous loss of data.

Frequent failures of hard drives are caused due to cyber-attacks, inadequate power supply, corrupted operating systems, and wear and tear of the disk drives. Varied hard drives are prone to different disk failures. Depending on the nature of the problem, these can be fixed.

Hard drive problems can occur gradually upon the passage of time and it is difficult to diagnose such failures. Then how can you locate a problem with your storage devices? The possible symptoms of disk failures are the presence of corrupted files, log clusters ad slowing down of the computer systems and in extreme cases, it might shut down unethically.

However, these issues result in the loss of sensitive and confidential data. In some cases, it can be restored by self while in other cases there is a need to haul for data recovery services. Read below and figure out some common hard disk drive problems. Don’t forget to glance through the possible solutions too.

Virus and Malware Threats:

Virus and malware attacks are major threats to hard drives that infect the computer systems and corrupt the data stored on the disk drives. These malicious programs enter the systems through external media, drives, or the internet and spread over the entire system. If the user backs up infected data, there is a huge risk of getting the data re-infected. Hence, the systems should be installed with anti-virus software. And a regular update is a must. Also, you can use firewall protection and ad blockers while surfing the internet. Emails or links from unknown or malicious sources should not be opened. The same rule goes while downloading the data from the web.

The Problem of Overheating:

When the computer systems are used for a prolonged period of time, heat is generated. This may result in slow-moving fans of the disk drives or heating up of the systems immediately after the booting process. Further, a clicking noise from the internal components of the system can be a warning sign of drive overheating. To avoid instances of excessive heat, the CPUs should be properly installed and arrangements for CPU cooling should be made. Fans should be repaired and replaced as and when the need arises. Smart tools that notify the user about system overheating should be installed. In case the systems start heating above the maximum limit, they should be shut down for a while and allowed to cool down.

Manufacturing Defects:

Often the disk drives are not tested before they are delivered to the users. This is the major reason for their unresponsiveness that generally occurs with new hard disk drives. Therefore, you ought to be careful before buying the drives. Get the disk tested before bringing and installing it in your systems.

The Presence of Corrupted Files:

Shutting down computer systems abruptly is the common phenomenon of corrupted files. Further, these files become inaccessible due to the inadequacy of the system to boot properly. The instances associated with corrupt files are mainly virus attacks and power surges. Hence, before you shut down the computer systems, make sure that all the files and programs are properly closed. In addition, the installation of malicious programs should be avoided and antivirus software should be regularly updated.