5 Tips to Stay Cyber Safe during Back-to-School Season

5 Tips to Stay Cyber Safe during Back-to-School Season

Have the malls been over flooded with students of all ages? Don’t worry it’s just the beginning of Back to school season and students are filling up their wardrobes and school supplies already. With the digitalization of education, these days students usually have to work with the devices like Chromebooks, laptops and many others. Amidst the turbulence of new projects and activities on your device, the security of the device could be easily breached. It becomes important to understand that a small antivirus application wouldn’t save you from all the cyber threats and some basic practices can be followed to keep your device free from viruses and bugs.

5 Tips to Stay Cyber Safe during Back-to-School Season

As the use of devices like laptops and mobiles increases in educational institutes, the vulnerability of such devices against cyber threats also increases. The device might be connected to new internet connections and external storages with corrupted files which further makes it prone to online danger. Here are some basic steps which you can follow to stay cyber safe:


The Delusional links
With new challenges in your school tasks, you might have to search and explore untrustworthy websites. Such websites might hold luring advertisements and links, and clicking on them might prove disastrous. Sometimes these links might download unwanted software, virus and bugs in the system. You might receive many emails from unknown sources and clicking on such a link or an attachment in such a mail may prove to be a big mistake. Thus being alert and looking for signs of phishing could save you from being digitally attacked.

Antivirus Helps
Not buying an antivirus subscription might leave your computer unprotected. Even if your device has never been hacked or infected before, you must buy an antivirus as a precaution. It not only tells you about the threats and unsafe links and files but also helps in removing already existing malware and viruses from the devices.

If you wish to save a quick buck and pass on to the antivirus subscription, you might have to pay a ton just to remove the malware which might affect your device in the future. Many times, such viruses cause data losses.

Privacy and security
In a school, you might be sharing your laptops or other devices with multiple other peers, who intentionally or unintentionally make your device prone to a cyber-attack. In such a situation, all your confidential data and documents, and even your social media accounts could get hacked. The important information like credit card numbers, bank passwords, social security numbers etc. could be retrieved by strangers if the device is left unprotected.

Thus putting a strong password on your device and logging out from online banking portals, social media accounts might prove to be immensely useful.

Update and relax
Obsolete applications and antivirus might not be able to defend your device against a new cyber threat. The applications regularly give updates to counter the new security threats coming to the cyber world and installing them as soon as they are launched is one of the best ways to ensure that the features of the applications are up to date. Especially for the antivirus, the automatic install of updates should be turned on, and installed without any delay.

For instance, all the bugs can be patched with an update of a browser which could keep you away from online threats.

New Passwords
Using unique passwords for all important accounts might seem to be difficult at first, but it’s totally worth the effort. Changing your passwords after regular intervals ensure that your social media accounts, as well as e-banking accounts stay safe.