6 Ways to Recover your Data from Damaged CDs

6 Ways to Recover your Data from Damaged CDs

Technology has been evolving ever since. There was a time when our go to device for data storage used to be a CD, short formed for Compact Disk. At the present time, there are a lot more alternatives. USB drives, cloud storage, hard disks are just a few to begin with. The preceding backups or saved files stay put to this media. Discs are comparatively cheaper and easier to use for a few people. Disc media has its impending strengths, as well as an unforeseen protection to executable files. Just as a coin has two sides, so does this. The one striking disadvantage is that it easily gets scratched and damaged. If you touch or hold a CD in the wrong way, you tend to leave your fingerprints on it which eventually leads to the further damage.

6 Ways to Recover your Data from Damaged CDs

In case you are facing issues regarding gaining access to a scratched or damaged CD, here are 6 ways to try to recuperate your data:

1) You may try your hands on a different CD or DVD.
With time, discs and disc drives are getting outdated. In fact, the hardware engineers don’t feel the need to fit a disc drive in a disc drive anymore. You have to be really sure whether the issue is with the disc or the drive. The only sensible way to check this is by trying different discs in the drive. If the other discs work, you know the answer.

2) Make sure you take care of the cleaning of the disc. 
Factors like dirt, dust, and oil build-up can affect the look of a scratch on a disc. Slowly and carefully wash the disc under warm water as you gently rub it with your finger during the process of washing. You may also use alcohol with a cotton pad in place of water to clean the disk. Try to not use any kind of cloth to dry the disc, let it be air dry.

3) Polishing the disc is another way out.
You must be cautious with this and all strategies that encompass touching your disc. Such strategies should be implemented with utmost patience and concentration. Well, there is another home remedy which may sound strange but it does wonders. It involves the usage of a small amount of toothpaste and a soft cloth to polish a disc. Ensure that you aren’t very harsh in the movement while you polish it.

4) Try a free recovery tool.
CD Recovery Toolbox’ is a free application that makes the user aware of the recovery process with an easy and comprehensible interface. Once you start running the application, see the kind of files on your compact disc and create a duplicate copy at them to another location. ‘CDCheck’ is another free option if you appeal a license for personal use on their registration page. It permits you to analyse whether files are valid prior before recovery. ‘IsoPuzzle’ is free program which benefit you to recover data as much as possible. Iso Puzzle creates an iso image of the disc that you place in the drive. All good segments that can be read without errors, are written correctly and flagged in a positive manner. ‘Dead Disk Doctor’ gives you the leverage of copying files from scratched or damaged CD, DVD and helps you to repair damaged CD with simple and easy procedures.

5) It is not possible to accomplish every task our self and hence seeking professional help is the right thing to do, if need be. 
In case you are done trying the ‘do it yourself’ data recovery strategies and/or your data is too significant to risk any additional loss, then let the professional step in. The team at Platinum Data Recovery is skilled at recovering media, even after it has experienced physical damage.

6) Masking tape method.
You should understand the fact that holes in the foil layer of a CD are NOT repairable, not even by professionals. The unsurpassed way to move past them is to prance them all in all so that at least the remaining data can be retrieved and saved elsewhere. The proper procedure to go ahead is right here- Hold the disc with its shiny side up in clear view of a bright light. See if any holes are visible on the shiny side. Flip the disc and mark the areas holes with a permanent marker. Take 2 small strips of masking tape and stick them on top of each other over the area you have just marked.

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