7 Greatest Common Causes of Data Loss

7 Greatest Common Causes of Data Loss

Are we aware of the real risks that cause data loss and how to prevent it? Most often that not, it is our manner of saving, storing, or handling our data that poses risk of loss of data. Here are 7 greatest causes of data loss

7 Greatest Common Causes of Data Loss

Deleting Files Accidentally
We’ve all done it atleast once. Not saving the file and closing the window by mistake, updating a file but forgetting to save the changes, or simply deleting the file without realizing we’d need it later. While it may seem negligible loss of data now, in time of need it may perhaps become harmful loss of data. Performing regular data backups can prevent this.

Viruses and damaging Malware
With the number of viruses and malware attacking your computer increasing by the day, you cannot simply rely on the effectiveness of your anti-virus. These viruses may damage not only your operating system and computer parts but may cause you to lose data permanently. Moreover, the attack may be intended to steal you off business data, which can be irrecoverable if you do not have backup of all the data to prevent losing clients, industrial information or data of financial transactions. Proper back ups will save you from years of trouble of collecting that data again.

Mechanical Damages of Hard Drive
As important as they are, hard drives are also the most fragile parts of your computer and it may cost you more than the computer itself to recover the data from faulty hard drives. Also, there is no guarantee that a professional would surely restore your data. Manufacturing or mechanical defects in the hard drive may be a huge cause of data loss. The smaller memory flash drives may get damages by a simple drop on the floor making you lose your data. Thus, regular backups of all your data is essential, so that hard disk failures do not interrupt your daily flow of work or don’t make you lose irretrievable valuable data you had saved on your computer.

Power Failures
Halfway through some work and power failure makes you have to do it again? Well, imagine that happening to rich graphic illustrations or sophisticated databases? Moreover, the instant shutting down of computer due to power cut may create problems with rebooting the system; even causing a chain reaction that makes you lose access to your data permanently.

Voltage fluctuation too can cause short circuits, damaging your computer parts, especially hard drives which are sensitive to changes in strong magnetic field and voltage. To have your data automatically backed up at short time periods will help minimize, if not eliminate, the loss of data caused by power failures.

Theft of Computer
When stolen, the loss of the computer might grieve you more but once the new computer comes in, the data loss will grieve you for months and years to come. With laptops, it is even easier to lose them or be stolen off them. While it is loss of money, data loss is irrecoverable loss of time, effort and money. You must thus rely on a proper data backup strategy to keep the data safe and backed up at all times.

Spilling coffee, and other water damages
Do we still work on desktops? Hardly much! Laptops have taken over our lives due to ease of travelling with them. However, with the ease also comes the susceptibility of damaging your laptop parts by spilling liquids. Laptops do not provide enough covers to protect internal parts from water damage. Short circuits of relevant electronic components caused by liquid spillage may be hard or even impossible to recover later. While hard drives may survive slight water spillage due to a protective case but hard soaking may make those irrecoverable too.

You might try to be careful, but accidents like dropping the laptop into water, natural disasters like a flood or Tsunami or simply bad luck that causes your computer to get immersed may not be as fixable as you believe. While immediate repair may rescue you slightly, you must ensure that you do not try to switch it on while still wet. Data backups are thus necessary if you want to drink your coffee near the laptop or simply not be bothered by uneventful floods or rains.

Fire accidents and explosions
While you’d see explosions in the rare cases, but even an accidental fire may cause you to lose not just the computer hardware but also all the data you saved on it. Moreover, in occasion of a fire, any backups you have on hard drives may get lost too if kept in the same place as the computer. You thought you were doing yourself a favor by backing up your data weekly on multiple external hard drives and keeping them in various drawers of the same room? God forbid a natural calamity or accidents, but if it happens, how do you retain your data? Protect your data from accidental fire damage by keeping your backups in places other than where your computer is.

Did you think it was something exceptionally strange that caused data loss? Well, these everyday life incidents pose more threat to your data than anything else. It is best that you back up your data at regular intervals and at various locations. You may not be able to prevent accidents, but you can try to minimize the damage caused. Contact us at Platinum Data Recovery for any Data Recovery solutions.