7 Stages of Grief for Hard Drive Failure

7 Stages of Grief for Hard Drive Failure

Your hard drive contains hundreds of memories which might be stored in the form of images or videos, or it might contain tons of documents ranging from e-books, word files, applications, and games. Collecting all this information might have taken years and have everything stacked ranging from things of your personal life to the professional one. If a hard drive fails a part of us dies with it. For instance, your life changing presentation at work is now irretrievable due to the failure of the hard disk. With it, all the copies and backup of images of your vacations, parties, and marriage are also in the air. We all can understand the pain one will go through in such a situation.

7 Stages of Grief for Hard Drive Failure

Frustration, anger, and disbelief are the sole emotions which you feel at such a point. But you don’t have to worry, as each problem has a solution, we will help you to recover from this trauma.

That can’t happen
In the back of the mind you know, something is terribly wrong, but you deny all the possibilities of you losing your data. Thinking it to be a minor glitch you restart the computer or remove the batteries from the device several times. The trauma of losing all your work documents and presentations, and all your applications and games hits you hard. But what shocks you is when no DIY techniques work to revive your device.

You think of weeping, but all you can is feel the helplessness and powerlessness to bring back what is yours.

It’s my fault
When you have coped up with the shock of losing your data, you start blaming yourself for the disaster. You believe that there were many instances where small problems presented themselves and you ignored them. Now, the breakdown of the system would be irreparable and even more costly. You ponder on questions like, why didn’t you make a cloud backup? But unfortunately, it’s too late.

The anger kicks in
To save yourself from the guilt, you take the help of anger. Because let’s face it putting the blame on someone else is much easier than focusing on your own mistakes. Finding the possibilities of a fault in the device itself becomes your topmost priority. Shouting at the customer care for giving you the faulty hard drive might be the next thing you do.

Only for a minute
This is the stage where you try to dream that what if your hard drive started working for some time, just enough for you to make a backup of all your files. But this rarely happens. No matter how many techniques you employee, none of your prayers and dream are actually going to work.

Sorrow and grief
Once you have accepted the fact that you might have just lost all your data, you learn to value all the little things which you have previously ignored. The perfect condition of your laptop a couple of months back and how efficiently it worked. The great collection of movies and games which you had stored and all the little reminders and information without which your life becomes incomplete.

Move on
This is a time where you start looking for alternative devices which you could use to fill the gap of your destroyed hard drive, but nothing remains the same. You try to download some applications and back up some data from your emails on your backup device and start using it.

Jump back
This is the period where you are totally over the loss of the hard drive and have moved on to new device downloading and transferring new data. You download tons of new applications and music and build a collection from the scratch.