A Complete Guide to Restore Deleted Files on SD Card

A Complete Guide to Restore Deleted Files on SD Card

A Complete Guide to Restore Deleted Files on SD Card
SD card stands for ‘Secure & Digital’ card which is a type of memory card used in a digital camera, MP3 players, mobile phones, etc. for storing images, videos, and other important files. It is the most preferred by people who want it for its easy portability and compatibility.

Despite its small size, the SD card has large storage capacity and has low power consumption. It has a simple interface and is very cost-effective. It is indeed a blessing for every user for storing business and personal information conveniently and safely.

But, what happens when your important files are lost in the process of accidental deletion of other files, formatting, or some virus attack on your device? Well, all you would need is good recovery software and a little assistance from an expert.

Reasons for SD Card Failure
SD cards are prone to damage and corruption just like any other type of storage device. SD card failures can be broadly classified into logical failure and physical failure. Logical failures occur when the file system becomes inaccessible due to virus attack, deleted or formatted data whereas, a physical failure occurs when there is physical damage to the SD card and is most difficult to recover.

Let us have a look at some of the major causes leading to failure of SD cards:

  • Improper handling
  • Formatting errors
  • Virus attack
  • Damage in the file system or card slot
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Excess moisture or heat in surroundings

Recovering Lost Data from SD Card
The reason for SD or MicroSD card failure can be anything from the above-mentioned points. Whatever it is, losing your important files and information can be highly stressful. There is a disappointment and also a great risk of identity theft.

So, when you find yourself stuck in such a situation, try to calm down yourself rather than getting into complete chaos and follow the steps listed below:

Step1: Stop using the SD card further and remove it from your device immediately

Step2: Do a bit of research and select appropriate file recovery software

Step3: Install the software properly in your PC or laptop and connect your SD card to this system

Step4: Locate the drive that stands for your SD card. Then, click on ‘scan’ button to search for the lost or deleted files

Step5: Choose the files you want to recover and save them in the desired storage location

An important thing to note is here is that every data recovery software would have a different set of steps. However, each of them would ultimately give your whole data back.

Call for Professional Assistance
Data recovery is a very challenging task, especially for the ones who do not know about it. So, it is highly recommended that one should contact a professional data recovery service provider to get an accurate output.

The experts in this field have several years of experience and by handing over your data to them, you can rest assured of getting the job done up to the mark and restoring 100% of your data without any hassle.