Cyber Security Predictions for 2019

Cyber Security Predictions for 2019

Cyber Security Predictions for 2019
The chaotic world of cybersecurity is creating a hindrance against reliable protection methods because of the upsurge in the threat landscape and the offensive and defensive technologies. Because of the same, a number of trends are expected to bombard 2019 with software that makes the threat-detection processes automated and lower down the rate of cybercrime.


Some of the expected trends for 2019 are–

    Ransomware will shift to other ways to generate revenue and will taper off as criminal. Statistics show that the number of users who encountered ransomware in 2017 and 2018 fell by nearly 30 percent over the 2016 to 2017 time period.
    Criminals nowadays are finding newer schemes like crypto jacking to be more effective in money making. The easy availability of crypto mining tools implies that criminals don’t necessarily have to be technically skilled.


    The regulation and public sentiment on the need for privacy will lead to the making of serious data protection policies. The rising concern over how companies use the private information of a person will encourage the public to hold the companies more accountable for privacy attacks. Consumers are increasingly demanding more and more control over their private information and this will lead to companies like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. to take the sensitive issue of data protection seriously.


    Spear phishing is set to become even more targeted as attackers will use tactics which are rather creepy. A change in phishing tactic that has been trending lately is that the attacker breaks into an email system, lurks and learns the information. The same information is used by the attacker to take advantage.


    Nations will make an effort in establishing cyber warfare rules. Most nations have agreed upon a basic set of rules in even physical warfare like no torture, no poisoning or no slaughtering. No such rules for cyber warfare exist as of now and some nations seem to believe they can do almost anything with near impunity. This will lead to an urgent need for cyber warfare rules among nations.


    With the rising rate of cyber crime, more and more companies are likely to hire CSOs/CISOs to ensure security for their data. Cybersecurity training will continue to get mature and the demand for the degree will only increase. Greater skills will be required and soon, only certificates will not be enough to acquire the required skill set. It is likely that in order to take up a cybersecurity professionals career, one would need a master’s degree.