Data Corruption and Recovery: The Complete Solution Guide

Data Corruption and Recovery: The Complete Solution Guide

Data Corruption and Recovery: The Complete Solution Guide
Data corruption is far more pervasive than you may think and has been a complication since the introduction of computers. In simple words, data corruption refers to errors in data happened either during writing, reading, storage, transmission or during final processing that bring about unintended changes to its original state. Generally, the outcomes of corruption can be a minor loss of data to worst – a system crash.

The matter of data corruption may not be taken seriously if any of your private text documents isn’t opening or your pictures are showing up completely. However, it becomes a situation of worry when the important files of your company get corrupted and are rendered useless. Hence, right after the moment, you encounter the problem of data corruption; you should immediately inspect your whole system to get to the root cause of having happened so and take necessary action at the earliest to prevent further damage.

Reasons behind Data Corruption
Everything in this world comes with expiration, so does your data storage devices. With the constant usage of old storage devices and not replacing them when required, you increase the probability of facing data corruption issues in the future. Moreover, research studies have also claimed how the data corruption is quite often caused by the solar flares, that remains unrealized and far away from getting detected immediately. Other than these, the following things can be majorly responsible for causing loss of data:

  • Sudden power loss or unexpected power outage
  • Improper shutdown of systems caused by power outages
  • Hardware problems like hard drive failure, badly functioning RAM, etc.
  • Improper ejection of external hard drives and other storage devices
  • Malware that go undetected by the anti-malware software
  • Manufacturing error, etc.

Possibilities for Recovering the Corrupted Data
The possibilities of getting back your data in its original form depend on the extent of damage that has been caused. Usually, when the damage is not severe, the data can be easily retrieved by data recovery software at home. But, in a situation where you see hundreds or thousands of corrupted files, then you better take help from a professional data recovery service provider who can carry out a successful recovery of data for you.

Data recovery service providers are actually expert engineers and are equipped with experience, knowledge and specialist tools required to repair the damage caused to your system and rebuild the corrupted files.

Preventive Measures and Strategies
The most crucial step for keeping your data safe is not to make it vulnerable in the first place. To avoid the problem of data corruption, it is wise to follow the below-mentioned strategies:

  • Regular data backup practices to save everyone from a stressful and chaotic mind frame during the loss of even a single bit of data
  • Regular check on hard drive and computer to see any early signs of data corruption
  • Usage of UPS to protect any loss of data due to power outages
  • Avoiding the download and installations of unnecessary software in your computer system
  • Ejection of external storage devices before disconnecting them from your system