Data recovery process from a disabled iDevice

Data recovery process from a disabled iDevice

Data recovery process from a disabled iDevice
One of the biggest nightmares of any iDevice user is finding their device locked or disabled. It happens all of a sudden when you either forget the password or upgrade your device and end up disabling it. You are entering your password, but the device locks and displays that you have entered an incorrect password. This leads to frustration and stress because you can’t use the device or access any of the data on it.

Apple is known for its high-level security of its users’ data and this at times becomes a serious issue for users. The disabled device sometimes means that your data could be lost or forever locked within the device. But don’t worry, this can be fixed. Readout following tips to understand the iOS device disable function and how to recover data locked in a disabled iDevice.

What is disable the feature on iPhones and iPads
To ensure the security of the users’ data, the Apple software has built-in measures to prevent access by unknown users. When the device suspects any breach by entering the wrong passcode, it locks the device to protect your data. This means entering the wrong password for a number of times can lead to the data being erased or device being locked or disabled. From the data security point of view, this is an excellent feature. However, this can be a serious problem if you forget the passcode and have not backed up your data.

Turn off the disable feature from the device
If you think you can bear the risk of leaving your device unprotected, you can simply turn off the disable feature. By turning off this feature, your device will not be locked and anyone can access your data. To do this, open the menu, go to the settings, and select Passcode. You will be asked to enter your passcode and once you enter it, there is an option to turn off the passcode. After selecting the turn off option, your phone will not be locked. Although it is a risky practice to not lock your device, some people still leave their data unprotected to prevent any potential trouble in the future. According to experts, it is unwise to remove your passcode to avoid the possibility of losing data.

Recovering data from a disabled device
Recovering data directly from a disabled iPhone is impossible. Apple has only one way to recover data which has been locked and that is erasing the device. If you’re smart and lucky to have your phone synced with iTunes or iCloud or you have an alternative option of accessing these two databases, you may recover your data easily. However, if the data was not backed up, erasing the device will delete all of your data.

In this case, when data is not backed up, you may seek the help of an application known as Find My iPhone to recover the data. This app can be downloaded on another iOS device to locate your iDevice. After installing the app and locating your device, select the remote wipe option. Take the data backed up on iTunes if you don’t already have and once you delete all the data from your device, it will again be accessible to you.

If this even doesn’t work out seek out the help of certified recovery engineers to safely recover your important data and regain access to your device. However, it is best practice to always have your data backed up in the cloud to prevent any loss.