DIY Data Recovery – Is It Helpful?

DIY Data Recovery – Is It Helpful?

On this day, we deal with a vast amount of data daily. It could be family photos, music collection, college coursework, financial information, or data related to business. Whatever the data is, it holds some importance to you because of which you cannot afford to lose it. However, data loss is inevitable and can happen anywhere and at any time. And if you are the person who is not in the habit of taking backup, then it can become a real problem for you in the future.

When data gets corrupted or deleted accidentally, you will surely find ways and try to use different software to recover your lost data. During such a situation, you might think of using free data recovery software, instead of taking the help of a data recovery expert to get back your crucial data. But let us clear that, DIY comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages. It can be useful at times but can prove to be risky too.

DIY Data Recovery – Is It Helpful?

To learn whether DIY should be attempted or not, let us learn both merits and demerits of DIY data recovery.

Advantages of DIY Data Recovery 

1.Cost-Effective: No doubt, recovering data by yourself is inexpensive when compared with data recovery services. Also, there are several data recovery tools available these days, which can easily be purchased at a low cost. All you need to make sure is to download them from an authentic source.

2.Fast: If you use a powerful, tested, and verified recovery tool, then it is likely to serve you well. Using the tool, you can retrieve your crucial data in merely a few minutes. Whereas, a data recovery professional may take additional time to recover the data. Thus, the DIY method makes data recovery quick.

3.Convenient: DIY is convenient as you need not consult any professional or give your device in their hands. You only need to have an idea about how to recover data with a data recovery tool.

Disadvantages of DIY Data Recovery 

1.Not suitable for beginners: Data recovery is quite a complicated task. So, you need to have basic knowledge about applications and data recovery tools. If you are a novice and don’t know how to use the recovery software properly, you should not try using it yourself. Otherwise, you may end losing your data forever.

2.High risk of permanent data loss: If you accidentally make any mistake or perform the wrong operation while using data recovery applications or software, further damage may take place. In the worst scenario, you can lose your data permanently.

3.Success not assured: No data recovery software can promise 100% data recovery. Therefore, if your data is highly crucial, you cannot rely entirely on any software.

4.Not effective in case of physical damage: In case your hard drive is damaged physically, then data recovery software is of no use. So, if you hear any strange noises from your hard drive, better take the help of data recovery professional.

In short, if the lost data is of utter importance and you can’t lose it permanently, then hire a professional data recovery company. They are experienced and know how to retrieve data within the premises of their highly equipped labs.