Do's and Don'ts in Case of Hard Drive Failure

Do’s and Don’ts in Case of Hard Drive Failure

Do’s and Don’ts in Case of Hard Drive Failure
Has your hard drive failed?

Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. You need to calm down before taking any steps. Otherwise, you will worsen the problem in anxiety. If you are worried about losing your data forever, then stop worrying right now. Data Recovery Company can help you in recovering your crucial data.

Now let us look at the do’s and don’ts when the hard drive fails:

DO’s when a hard drive fails

  • Make a note of what happened. Did you try to boot the system? Did your system lock up and you were just unable to access anything? If there is any unusual noise coming from your system? All this information is important to jot down because data recovery professional will ask you what exactly happened.
  • Just think what was there on your hard drive. If there were business files, family photos, and videos, work presentations, or anything else? Have you backed up the data? Whether you can re-create the data or not? Have you emailed the copies to your colleagues or family? All these questions are important as they will help in deciding whether you should take the risk of recovering the data by yourself or not.
  • Remember no software in the world can recover your data from a physically damaged hard drive.
  • Stay aware that the more you try to recover data by yourself, the lesser the chance of recovering data gets.
  • Call a HDD data recovery professional as soon as possible. They will analyze the whole scenario in detail and then provide the solution. It is a time-consuming process, so you have to be patient. Professionals understand that data is crucial to you, give them time to fix things for you.

Don’ts when a hard drive fails

  • Don’t run a recovery program on your system that alters your hard drive.
  • Don’t try to reinstall your operating system software.
  • Do not attempt to re-initialize.
  • Don’t roll back to a previous version.
  • Don’t make a hurry in fixing the things. You may be having pressure from the boss or deadline. But urge to fix things quickly will end up in losing data forever.
  • Never try to boot or access the hard drive that has physical damage. In case of a physical failure, you need the assistance of a data recovery expert.
  • Never try to boot or access the hard drive that is making unusual noises.
  • Don’t get influenced by the low-cost data recovery software. Such software only provides software solutions. If someone promises that it will work in case of hardware failure too, run instantly. It is just a trap.
  • Only if you can live without the data if not recovered, then you can go for a low-cost option. But if data is crucial to you, then do proper research, consult two to three data recovery professionals and then take a profitable and smart decision.