Easy Solutions to Recover Data from Water-Logged Hard Drives

Easy Solutions to Recover Data from Water-Logged Hard Drives
Hard drives are considered to be the best, easy solutions for storing the data in long run. With their availability in various forms such as hard disk drives, floppy disk drives; these drives have the capacity to store chunks of data and are very useful for creating back-ups.

But they need to be taken special care. Frequent damages or breakdowns of hard disk drives can result in tremendous loss of data and this might result in huge loss of revenue for various business organizations.

However, of the other dangers, water is considered to be the worst enemy of various technical devices. Waterlogged hard drives can be resultant of anything from floods to accidental fall of water. But the question that concerns the folks is how to recover the data from such devices? The answer to this question is quite simple. Just go through the following points and discover the measures for data recovery from water-infected drives.

  • Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow: Panic is natural, but this does not mean you can leave your drives unattended for long hours. Waterlogged drives certainly mean that dirty water must have infested the drives and blocked its terminals. When the drives are not dried in a proper manner, it can result in debris accumulation, allowing the water to seep into the dry areas too. Therefore, it is significant to address the water problem immediately rather than sitting back and waiting for water to damage it completely.
  • Do Not Power On the Drive: This seems obvious, but this is mostly neglected step. As soon as the water penetrates your hard disk drives, immediately put the power off and unplug the drives. Also powering on the water-logged devices to check their functionality can adversely affect the data. So you should avoid plugging in the drives until they get fully repaired. In addition, you should unplug the drive safely and avoid jostling them.
  • Avoid Using a Hair Dryer to Dry the Hard Drive: Hair dryers? Yes. Most of the folks think of drying the drives with the help of hair dryers. Instead, you should fight the urge of drying them instantly and avoid using a hairdryer. In case your drives were fully immersed in water, rinsing off them with fresh water and allowing it to dry may be helpful. As patience is the key, wrap the drives in paper towels an allow them to dry completely.
  • Rush for Data Recovery Services: DIY data recovery cannot be as effective as the data recovery services offered by professionals. They have the right tools and techniques to work with waterlogged hard disk drives and can restore the data back to you. Step in the market, search various websites and look for the most reliable data recovery services near you and avail their services timely. When any damage happens to your drives, rush to the professionals, they might charge you a fee but no amount can compensate for the lost data.
  • Look for Back-ups: As a normal practice, you must have created multiple back-ups of the data over the cloud or other drives. When you lose data and are not in a state of availing data recovery services, then take out some time and look for data back-ups you had created in past.