Five Tips for Choosing the Best Data Recovery Service

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Data Recovery Service

Data loss is a crucial problem in today’s world, where technology has crawled in all spheres of our life. If your data has become inaccessible due to certain reasons and even your backup cannot be recovered. It becomes essential to hire a reliable data recovery service, which can deliver what it preaches. Data is the currency of the virtual world; therefore leaving it with a stranger is highly risky.

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Find a trustworthy service provider after through research. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best data recovery service.

1.Search online or ask for referrals
An online search can help you in shortlisting many data recovery service providers. Be sincere and diligent in checking the reviews and complains of the previous clients. Talk to the previous customers if possible and ask about the service providers. You may also ask for referrals from your friends, family or neighbors. They can give you a detailed description of the provider, which can help you take a decision.

2.Check industry certifications
Certification adds a layer of trustworthiness and fealty, which is very important as the person is going to handle your personal data. It also ensures knowledge about the processes and practices of data recovery. The best data recovery service will be able to provide all such certifications, so be sure to check them before hiring anyone.

3.Evaluate their security practices
This is the most important factor while choosing a data recovery service. A good service provider follows all sorts of security protocols to protect the integrity of your personal and professional data. Inquire about this from your service provider and ask important questions such as:

  • What type of security infrastructure is in place for all levels of services?
  • Are the customers treated differently in accordance with their profiles?
  • Do they have ample security policies in place to ensure restricted accessibility to employees?
  • What are their data backup & retention policies?
  • For how long does the data remain with the service provider after the successful recovery of data?
  • What strategies are followed to wipe the data?
  • Are the data recovery labs physically?

4.Confirm they can handle multiple problems
The experience of the data recovery service providers with different devices and occurrences will help you in evaluating his capabilities. This will also help you in selecting the candidate with experience in all fields. The data recovery staff must have the right approach towards the given problem, which can be ensured by their expertise in all kind of devices.

5.Check out the customer service policies
Customer satisfaction must be of utmost importance to the data recovery service providers. The customer service policies of the provider must be strong and adept. The customer must have an access to the dedicated 24/7 emergency data recovery services or 24/5 availability via emails, phones or visits. A professional service provider is the one who is always well equipped to handle all sorts of problems and queries from their clients. An ideal service is in which all the promised things are rendered and the customer is satisfied.