How to Prevent Android Data Loss: Five Easy Tips

How to Prevent Android Data Loss: Five Easy Tips
The android operating system is the most favored operating system in the world. It is integrated into the handsets of very popular brands such as Acer, Asus, Google, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo, Motorola, Nexus, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, etc.

However, just like other operating systems, Android OS is also susceptible to data loss. It may happen due to human error or carried out on purpose. Whatever or whoever is responsible; it is a critical problem that can threaten your personal life. It can also impact your company’s reputation and financial status if your professional work happens through an Android mobile device. While there are few ways to recover your lost data, it can become easier if you contact a professional.

Before diving into prevention tips for Android data loss, let us peek through the major scenarios that lead to loss of information in these devices.

Causes of Android Data Loss

  • Accidental File Deletion – Majority of people loses their precious data accidentally. When deleting unwanted images, videos, and contacts, many users tend to delete their important documents as well.
  • Factory Reset – This is another reason behind losing all your vital data. However, it can be retrieved as the data is only erased and not completely lost from the device.
  • Broken Device – It is a nightmare to see your mobile phone or components broken beyond repair. The physical damage caused by dropping your phone on the floor or in water may make you say goodbye to your precious data.
  • Improper Ejection of SD Card – Inserting or removing the memory card hastily can cause loss of files stored on your SD card.
  • Upgrading the Operating System – It is never a good idea to wait too long for updating your mobile device as it can lead to corrupted or deleted data

Tips to Prevent Android Data Loss

You can avoid information or data loss from your Android devices by following these easy tips:

  • Lock Your Screen
    It is recommended to keep your device screen locked at all times. You can consider it as the primary line of defense. There are ample of options to choose from – passcode, pattern lock, fingerprint, face identification, etc.
  • Encrypt Your Crucial Data
    Almost all the android mobile phones you see in the market today offer you the option of data encryption. This security setting protects your favorite videos, images, and other confidential information safe and sound.
  • Install a Paid Version of Antivirus
    Data loss may happen due to virus or malware attack on your phone. These unwanted intruders may corrupt your precious files and free anti-virus software cannot combat them well. So, invest in a quality antivirus program for your Android device to protect the data saved in it.
  • Check Before Hitting the ‘Delete’ Button
    When deleting the undesired stuff or formatting the device, ensure that you have gone through the data. Don’t rush into deleting the items. Rather, take your time to double-check the things you are longing to get rid of.
  • Back-Up is Important
    Maintaining a data back-up practice is the key to keep all your data safe and accessible even when you lose the entire files from your Android mobile phone. You can store all your files on Google drive or save it on another physical storage device like external hard disk, etc.
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