How to Protect Your New Laptop – Tips By a Pro

How to Protect Your New Laptop – Tips By a Pro

So, finally, you have bought a new laptop. Many congratulations! In this digital era, buying a laptop is the best investment one can make. For most of people, their professional, as well as personal life, relies on this small, portable PC. It can be used to store everything from family pictures to crucial files and documents.

Now, that you have a laptop, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure that the laptop, as well as data inside it, is protected from any outside threat, be it a physical threat or threat from cybercriminals. By taking the following precautions, you can ensure that your valuable data and an expensive laptop is completely protected.
How to Protect Your New Laptop – Tips By a Pro
Update the software regularly: When you will buy your new laptop, you will notice that most of the basic applications are installed with their latest version. But with time, you have to update them if you want them to work properly. Generally, you will get the notifications when updates are needed, and you can install them by following simple steps.

Now, you must be wondering why updates are so important. It is because the older version of software and applications are easy to invade. So, don’t let neglect the updates, as there with every new version comes improved security features.

Install anti-virus software: Hackers don’t only hack the websites of large corporations. They go after individuals too. After having access to your data, they can steal your money and can use your identity to blackmail you. Installing anti-virus software is the best way to avoid such threats.

Use a VPN: While using Wi-Fi at public spots, you may get good speed, but it is not at all safe. When you use public Wi-Fi, your sensitive information is exposed to cybercriminals. So, it is suggested to use Virtual Private Networks whenever accessing the internet at cafes, hotels, or airports. VPN’s can provide you with online privacy by creating a private network. While doing online banking or performing any online activities that involve sensitive data, make sure to use a VPN.
Back up your data: It is the best habit that you can develop to keep your data safe. At the time of data loss, you can easily recover it if you have the backup. All you need to do is to back up the important data daily. In case you find it difficult, to take the backup after every few hours of work, turn on the auto-backup option. This will prevent you from manually taking the backup every time.

However, if unfortunately, for any reason, lose your crucial data, contact data recovery company immediately. If the data is confidential and you can’t afford losing it, then don’t try DIY recovery at any cost. You may lose your data permanently. Data recovery professionals have all the knowledge and required tools to recover all the data securely.