How to Restore an Overwritten File on Mac

While working on the MAC, the situation of data loss can occur due to several reasons. Some of the general reasons due to which people face the loss of data are:

How to Restore an Overwritten File on Mac

  • Inadvertent deletion of important files from the computer
  • Missing of the files after upgrade of the system
  • Formatting the flash drive by chance.

Another reason for which you can face data loss is when files get replaced or overwritten accidentally. Overwriting can be the worst nightmare, especially when you overwrite the most crucial file. Deleted files can be recovered from the trash folder, but overwritten files cannot. While sorting the files, chances are there that you can replace or overwrite the existing file.

In this article, we will talk about recovering an overwritten file on MAC. There are two ways to recover a replaced file which are as follows:

  1. Recovering Replaced File on MAC with Time Machine
    If the files existing on your MAC are essential for you, then you might be taking regular backups. In this case, using Time Machine, the overwritten files can be recovered. Time Machine is a recovery and backup tool and is a part of the MAC operating system. It is an easy way to recover your data when it gets overwritten.
    To recover data using Time Machine, follow the steps as given below:
    Step 1: Connect the storage device containing the Time Machine backups to your computer.
    Step 2: Open the folder containing the file that you want to recover.
    Step 3: In the menu bar, click the Time Machine button and then select ‘Enter Time Machine.’
    Step 4: Select the item to be restored using the timeline visible on the corner of the screen.
    Step 5: After selecting and previewing the item, click on the restore button to recover the chosen file.


  1. Hiring an Apple Mac Recovery Agency
    If you do not have any backup, then what can be better than hiring an expert who knows everything about data recovery?
    It is suggested not to try to recover data by yourself. You can end up losing data forever and it is obvious that you don’t want this to happen. Experts at data recovery agencies have invested a considerable amount of time in their lives in recovering lost, deleted, or overwritten data for their clients. Also, the MAC data recovery service provider understands how important data to you is and hence uses only updated and latest tools for recovery to assure 100% recovery success rate.
    All you have to do is to make sure that the agency you opt for data recovery is reliable and experienced. Don’t opt for an amateur data recovery company. Experts may charge you a bit high, but you will be assured that your confidential data is in the hands of specialists.
    Hope it was helpful! Never forget to take the backup of your valuable data the next time. It can save you from headaches.