How to Save your Smartphone when Dropped in Water

How to Save your Smartphone when Dropped in Water

This has happened to most of us: accidentally dropping the mobile phone in the toilet, washing it in a pair of pants or getting liquid spilled on it. While desperately trying everything possible to recover it may work for some, following these steps right after the smartphone gets dunked might help you prevent a serious damage.


Take it Out Immediately
It may seem obvious; taking out phone immediately from the water will help your device from sustaining any damage. A prolonged plunge will definitely increase the likelihood of phone damage and it is highly recommended not to leave your phone submerged in water for a long time. These days most phones come with a waterproof coating which resists water damage for some time. If you own any one of those, you may have to do nothing but gently wipe it down. As simple as that.

Switch off the Device
Resist the urge to check if the phone is working. As a matter of fact, the longer your phone stays on, greater the risk of getting it damaged. If your phone was on when it dropped in water, the possibility of internal components getting short-circuited increases manifold.

Remove Everything
Once you’ve cut the power off, it is important to remove back cover, battery, SIM cards, and anything possibly you could. Removing the battery prevents the phone from getting fried, thus increases the chances of your smartphone’s survival. Do not press any button, as it may shift liquid further inside the device.

Shake it & Dry Off Interiors
After you’ve removed everything, you start the drying process. Firstly, shake the device gently to get rid of excessive moisture present in the headphone jack, charging port or physical buttons. Use a dry cloth or towel to remove any moisture present on the exterior of the phone. Wiping off the phone in time will prevent the moisture from seeping deeper into the device than it already has.

Don’t be tempted to use a hair dryer or oven on your mobile phone. Exposing it to high heat will damage the internal parts and renders it good for nothing. One of the most commonly used techniques to dry the interiors off is by burying it in a bowl of uncooked rice. You can even use silica gel packs or bag of oatmeal to soak the interior moisture. After submerging your device in rice, forget about switching it back on for the next 72 hours.

Test if your device turns back On
Now that the moisture from the interior of your smartphone is all soaked up, it’s time to take your gadget out and test if it works. If there wasn’t too much internal damage, your phone should start working. If it doesn’t you might have to try charging the device first and then checking it again. Don’t be surprised, if it doesn’t.

If your phone doesn’t start after your DIY attempts, it is best to take help from data recovery services. Although you might not get your smartphone back to working normally, there are high chances that your precious data might be recovered.