How to Upload HD Videos to Facebook

How to Upload HD Videos to Facebook

Whether they work for NASA, National Geographic or Netflix, a lot of people make their living off of their ability to provide HD images. As imaging technology develops, the over-screened masses don’t just crave HD video, they expect it.

And with good reason. HD video is one of the most exciting developments of our digital era. It allows us to better experience places and actions that we have never seen in person, and it adds more detail to our lives.

That said, when you’re used to bright colors and crystal clear images, it’s then all the more frustrating to be forced to take a step backwards and watch a 240p video that was uploaded by someone who lacked the technological resources or know-how to offer a video with decent quality.

This deep into the digital era, you don’t want to be that person. Unfortunately, as you know if you’ve ever tried to upload a video to Facebook that you shot on your new iPhone, the quality of the video on Facebook tends to be way worse than it was when you watched it on your phone.

Don’t worry though- the techies at Platinum Data Recovery love to make your life easier with helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your mobile device. This time around, Matt’s going to teach you how to upload higher quality videos from your iPhone to Facebook.

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew from Platinum Data Recovery and today I’m going to be showing you how to update HD videos to Facebook from your iPhone 6 or 6+ device. 

Now by default, these devices are set to upload ins standard definition, which really isn’t idea for anyone interested in videography and doesn’t do justice to the iPhone 6’s camera. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

The first thing you’re going to do is open up your iPhone and go to “Settings.”

Once you’re in “Settings,” you’re going to scroll down until you find the “Facebook” tab and you’re going to click on it. 

And now you’re going to see “Settings” below “Facebook,” and you’re going to click on this settings button and below “Video” you’re going to see “Upload in HD” and you’re just going to turn that on. 

And now you’re ready to upload videos to Facebook in high definition. 

A word to the wise; if you are uploading HD videos to Facebook, it uses a lot of bandwidth so if you are on a limited data plan you might want to make sure you’re on a WiFi connection before uploading any HD videos.

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So there you have it. With just a little diving, you can upload a crystal clear video onto Facebook so that your friends can experience your recordings in all their glory.

One additional note regarding Matt’s warning about how much bandwidth uploading an HD video can require: if you have a WiFi connection but it’s a little spotty, you may want to consider temporarily disabling iOS 9’s new “Wi-Fi Assist” feature, which automatically switches your internet connection to your carrier’s data network if your Wi-Fi connection is faulty. This feature will even override a disabled cellular data tab (located in Settings), so it’s important that you know whether your Wi-Fi Assist is enabled or disabled before embarking on your video uploading adventure.

Alright, now that’s really it for today. Be sure to keep checking in for more helpful tips!