Importance of Data Destruction

Importance of Data Destruction

All businesses today operate based on data, whether it is financials, tax documents, customer contacts, or market reports. Every organization seems to be fully relying on these bits of information to develop their strategies and the next course of action.

Importance of Data Destruction

The times are gone when important databases were contained in paper records. Now, everything is stored on electronic devices. While it is easy to pour in all your sensitive business information in the hard drives, pen drives, and SD cards, getting rid of the same data can get a lot trickier.

Most of the people think that just by hitting the ‘delete’ button or dragging your files over to the trash would wipe off all your data. However, what they don’t realize is that data deletion is not the same as data destruction. Even if you erase the whole data from your system, some pieces of it may still linger on increasing the possibilities of data break or data leak in the future.

What is Data Destruction?
It is the process of removing all forms of data from your storage devices (hard disks, memory cards, etc.) permanently with a surety of never coming back. This is usually done by:

  • Destroying the device
    Here the electronic gadgets or storage devices are taken to labs and completely ruined by shredding or degaussing. However, this generates a lot of electronic waste including hazardous metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury. All this ends up in landfills and affects the people and the environment surrounding them.
  • Erasing data from the device beyond the scope of recovery
    This method is used when you want to get rid of critical information without having to dump your storage device. With the help of certain software, you can delete the stored information forever and enjoy re-using your hard drive or smartphone safely.

How is Data Destruction Helpful?
It is commonly believed that formatting the old devices or deleting old information makes the devices fit for selling to third parties. Many consumers practice it while upgrading their handsets, tablets, and computer systems and even organizations do so while discarding their IT assets. However, simply deleting the information never removes the data permanently. Hence, you need to undertake adequate data destruction actions to get a successful output.

Keep reading to know more about data destruction benefits:

  • Peace of Mind
    The biggest surety you can get by destructing your data is that your files and folders that were stored on your device would never fall into wrong hands. It is the only method that guarantees that the erased data cannot be retrieved by any means or used by someone else keeping you relaxed and stress-free.
  • Data Safety
    An organization’s data is unlike the personal data of an individual as the image of the company is at stake. In case of a data breach, there can be disastrous consequences including brand damage, negative media coverage, leakage of employee database, loss of customers, reduction in revenue, hefty fines, etc. Reach out to data recovery company for any recovery needs.
  • Environment Protection
    Throwing out your device after it reaches the end of its lifecycle doesn’t only put your stored data on risk, but also harms the environment. So, when you hand it over to specialized labs, you can rest assured that your confidential information and e-waste will be dealt with efficiently.