Keep data safe: What you Need to Know

Keep data safe: What you Need to Know while Backing up Personal and Professional Data Files

You might be a new business man- just in with a lot of fresh ideas but little experience to experiment with or you might even be a trained professional with experience beyond bounds and lots of conventions, but there sure are certain things regarding storing and backing up of files on your system that need to be reminded to you ever so frequently, just in case it slips.

This will help ensure that your data is not only well protected but also safe from hackers that might make thousands after accessing confidential information and then using your credit card credentials to rob you off a fortune. A few very simple tricks can help you trick even the smartest of hackers. Don’t believe me? Try keeping two folders having identical data in your computer. I can guarantee that that piece of information is much more secure than the single copy. Make sure though that they are both in one place.


This way you will not waste time searching for files in various folders and subfolders. You will be well versed with the location of the file thereby making the work of restoring your computer’s data easier.

You might have been tricked into believing through some ultra- convincing ads that the best way to protect and back up all files is by subscribing to a cheap package of cloud services that let you avail a whole lot of storage online, permitting anytime restoring. This however is only a myth believed by home owners and office owners alike. A cloud is not the most secure place to keep your files at for back up. Mostly so because the cloud is hardly an organized platform where you will easily pin point the file location of any particular data you might want to restore. Also, the clouds are not entirely secured networks and their servers too can be vulnerable to hacking attacks. So backing up your files on cloud is a personal choice you make- not a sure shot secured option to rely on.

Relying on external hard drives and USB flash drives for data protection
Often external hard drives are much better options to back up the data on your computer than cloud services since external hard drives are surely accessible to lesser number of people than the cloud service since the hard drive is a personal belonging you may or may not let any other person use. Also, a lot of external hard drives these days offer a one touch option of backing up data and a few other hard drives offer encryption services and that too at a budget. This helps keep important data from thieves even if the device is lost since encrypted data is much tougher to crack in that files which are backed up in their original format. Also, USB flash drives are a practical option to consider since they are portable and easy to carry around, thereby making them convenient as well as they are less susceptible to hacker attacks as USB flash drives are hardly soft targets unless people are known to the fact that the drive holds sensitive data. All you need to do is be careful with handling the flash drive and you are good to go. Also, in case of fear or losing your USB flash drive, you always have an option of encrypting all data on the drive to make such that it cannot be deciphered by the person who gets to lay his hands on the flash drive.

Another option is a network attached storage device or a NAS device. Besides providing a centralized location for your file and handling even larger file sizes, they are also attached to routers making losing them difficult. An unsecure NAS might cause security threats but one with safety protocols is a safe backup option you might want to resort to.

These are all devices that help you to backup data so as to reach out to them in the hour of need. These however do not guarantee sure shot results but each of them optimize their use to the fullest, minimizing risks of hacking attacks and lost data and maximizing data protection by encrypting the data to make it unreadable to most or hard to crack in for even trained hackers. While NAS drives are a good option since even getting hacked is insignificant as the device is centralized, the USB flash drive can be carried around in your pocket where you can be sure that no one else is getting access to your confidential information. The choice of backup is your own- it is just that each device has something to offer which one simply can’t resist. So choose wisely, and live happily.