Promise Technology Rolls Out the Latest in Data Storage Technology

Promise Technology Rolls Out the Latest in Data Storage Technology

The amount of digital data in the world has been expanding exponentially since the internet was born, and everyone from average families to major corporations is feeling the strain of attempting to store that data, often on a budget. This climate has yielded a handful of companies bent on developing technology to meet the needs of these businesses and private users; among these, Promise Technology as emerged as a major leader.

cloud2Promise Technology recently unveiled its latest device and first consumer product: the Apollo Cloud. The Apollo Cloud acts as a personal cloud appliance and app that makes it possible for users to create social circles in which everyone involved has control over the storage and access of shared digital content, all from their own private spaces. Similar products on the market are geared towards more widespread, corporate sharing of data, but the Apollo Cloud represents the device made to allow families, small businesses, home offices or smaller work groups easily and securely store and share digital data in a variety of forms.

The Apollo Cloud may have hit the private data storage sphere just in time; even on the level of the individual internet user, the amount of photos, videos, and files with sentimental value is increasing to the point of being overwhelming. Files are increasingly large as HD videos and other complicated data become the norm, and managing all that data across phones, tablets and laptops can be difficult and overly complicated.

The Apollo Cloud makes it possible for users to manage up to four terabytes of data, storing and sharing the data both securely and privately in whatever way they see fit, from wherever in the world that they happen to be, and with their own iOS and other mobile devices. Up to 10 members can be in an Apollo Cloud circle, each potentially having full sharing control over their particular digital files. Together they can save over 440 hours of HD videos, 220,000 photos and over half a million songs.

“Promise has been delivering high-performance data structure solutions to media and entertainment organizations, enterprises and small and medium businesses for almost 30 years and we are very pleased to bring our innovation to consumers with the introduction of Apollo Cloud,” said James Lee, CEO of Promise Technology in a public statement. “People are inundated with data and they need a solution that offers convenient access and file sharing without being weighed down by limitations or having to sacrifice privacy and security. Apollo Cloud solves these storage headaches and brings customers an easy to use personal cloud appliance that offers security, flexibility, and affordability.”

cloud3Promise Technology has been around for decades and offers almost 30 years of experience in the digital data storage industry. It describes itself in the following way on its website:

“Promise creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the IoT, Cloud, IT, Rich Media, and Surveillance markets. From personal cloud appliances to scalable enterprise IT infrastructure, blazingly fast post production tools, video security solutions and hyper converged systems, Promise adapts its products to meet he real-world challenges customers face every day. Promise’s highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the Americas, EMEA, and JAPAC regions to provide unparalleled services and suuport to its customers around the globe.”

The Apollo Cloud will be available in multitude of countries in many regions including Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, POland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

Set up takes only a few minutes, after which Apollo is accessible from any device. Members of roups can have private space and full sharing control over their files. All data is kept off the Web where it is safe, secure, and personal.