Protect your Data with these Physical Hardware Devices

Online privacy is of utmost importance while browsing the internet. It is a roadblock in the minds of the generation that has taken the usage of the internet by storm. While browsing, we tend to forget the files and business-sensitive material that has the potential to fall into the wrong hands. Hackers have progressed a long way into penetrating their way into software by breaking firewalls and security measures. So without the physical presence of a device in the hands of hackers, your device is just as vulnerable to the internet. Peace of mind is essential when it comes to these matters. You should consider these data protection gadgets that ensure secure internet usage and small enough to be carried around conveniently.

Protect your Data with these Physical Hardware Devices

The Wocket is a portable, electronic vault that stores credentials of your credit cards, loyalty, membership numbers. The device ensures that the credit card doesn’t need to be carried around everywhere, which have the potential of being easily compromised. The device combines all cards into a single entity and resets the numbers every time it is used.

To use the Wocket, you need to slide the device into the computer by using the USB port and tap the buttons on it which correspond to the vault number in which your details are stored. By pressing the button, you activate the specific vault which you require to be accessed at that point in time. The WocketCard is uniquely coded and can be scanned like any credit card. It has a voice-activation feature which prevents data from being compromised.

Smartphones screens are getting larger and are making it easier for people standing nearby get an easier peek into your screens. It is giving wandering eyes a glimpse into private information. Privacy Phone Filters from 3M are a low-tech solution to prevent onlookers from seeing contents on the screen from the side. The screen darkens when viewed from the side. It reduces the field of vision as the angle of the eye viewing the screen becomes more obtuse. But the view from head-on by the user is not compromised.

Cyber criminals no longer need access to physical device to compromise data and device. Device details and connection codes to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID are good enough to gain access from a foreign device to yours and steal data. Silent Pocket Sleeves are designed such that it shields your devices by technologies that can try to put your device at risk. Besides blocking signal, users have also found that it gives the added benefit of silencing continuous pings for notifications on the device.

The SecureUSB 3.0 is an encrypted drive with military grade protection. It works as a bootable drive and is the perfect option for basic data storage. It can also be used across platforms. There’s no background software required for the storage and users can just use its services with plug-and-play. Prior to plugging in, users enter a personalized PIN. When disconnected, its locked and data is encrypted. It comes pre-loaded with anti-virus software to create a protection level between the USB and the device. Using the USB as a device is the most convenient and its one that will be noticeable. Secure USB 3.0 is ready to ship.

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