Ransomware Attack and Ways to Stop It

Ransomware Attack and Ways to Stop It

With every passing day, data is becoming a very crucial commodity. Businesses use it daily to gain insights into the latest trends. Data is also used by people on a personal level for entertainment. The sad part is that there are cybercriminals. They know that if some private and confidential data is lost, then people would do anything to get it back. They took advantage of this thing and led to the birth of Ransomware.

Ransomware is a computer virus that infects the system and then encrypts the data stored in it. Following this, to decrypt the data, a ransom is requested in return, hence the term Ransomware.

Ransomware Attack and Ways to Stop It 

How is the system infected by Ransomware?
Hackers rely on the errors made by humans to infect the system with Ransomware. They send emails that seem to be from a trusted organization, and those are the emails that contain a malicious link. Furthermore, the advanced types of Ransomware misuse flaws in security protocols and then infect the systems without tricking the user.

How to prevent Ransomware attacks?
Now, the question is how Ransomware attacks can be stopped.

Paying attention is the key to prevent Ransomware from encrypting the data. Be attentive and cautious while opening the links attached in the emails which mimic to be from a trusted source. It might be from a malicious individual, employee, or hacker. Staying alert will prevent your system from getting infected. Also, to stay safe, the most important is to keep the security protocols robust and up-to-date.

However, to err is human, and thus mistakes can take place. A minute of ignorance can infect your system. So it is crucial to develop an emergency plan to decrease the loss.

Always keep back-up of your data
It may not stop the Ransomware from infecting your system, but you will be having a copy of data that gets deleted or damaged because of Ransomware. You can later restore the data when needed. Also, it is considered good practice to keep the back-up of critical data that you can’t afford to lose.

Furthermore, make sure that the data is stored on a storage media that is not attached to the network. It will assure you that the data is still there, which is free from Ransomware or any other virus. Remember, it is important to stay safe if you are a businessman and are serious about your business.

For companies, it is very important to maintain their reputation in the world. Hackers can misuse the data and can create such fake information which can leave a negative impact on the company on the public. The intruder can be a rival or any employee of the company itself. So company owners have to be extra cautious while using around their data.

If you ever happen to lose the data which is not backed-up, then the smart decision is to reach out a data recovery company. They have dealt with such cases and thus understand the importance of data to you.