Step Up Your Password Game – 3 Password Management Tips

Step Up Your Password Game – 3 Password Management Tips

Step Up Your Password Game – 3 Password Management TipsThe news comes up frequently about how hackers or cybercriminals have cracked the access to millions and billions of online accounts. After going through such headlines, it is easy to get sceptical of the security of these online platforms.

You are not wrong here. You have no say on how your online data is protected at the back end. But following some password management tips can mitigate the lack of security.

Managing your passwords is not easy and being careless about it can jeopardize your online security. So how do you go about it? The answer may be in some of the security habits that you follow. Online safety can be exercised in many ways and one of them is good password management.

It’s not an end-all solution but can surely elevate your security levels. Here are some easy to follow tips for password management –

Simple Passwords are NOT Worth It
Let’s put it bluntly. You should stop going online if you are using passwords like 111111, abc123, 123456, QWERTY. It doesn’t do anything. Don’t get surprised if your account is sabotaged by even a child. It’s like going out in the winters naked and complaining about the cold.

Stop using these. Start by using random but slightly longer phrases. 12 to 15 characters is a good starting point. Avoid easily detectable patterns like a1b2c3d4….. Hackers are smart, more than you. Something like Yro0du1ngDi$ will serve you better. It should be easy enough that you can recollect it but hard to guess for others.

Don’t Use the Same Password Between Accounts
Yes, we do. We come up with the ultimate god of passwords and stuff it in every single online account we use. Studies have revealed that because people keep using the same password everywhere, gaining access to a single credentials database means getting key to accounts on sites like Facebook, Instagram or others.

Imagine hackers getting into your social accounts and posting stuff or manipulating your personal data in grossly inappropriate ways. That is the last thing that you would want.

So keep this in mind, create unique password phrases for every account that you make. Using the name of the site and mixing it up with a completely random set of characters can be useful.

Use Password Managers
We understand, having hundreds of accounts and managing passwords for each of them takes some good amount of effort and memory. That’s why password managers exist. These can generate a unique, hack-proof password for each site you visit, memorize that password for you, and enter it into the password field automatically.

Never ever store your passwords in an easily accessible location. Stop writing it on a piece of paper. And don’t even consider your own computer. What if the hard-drive fails? Unless you hire a professional hard drive recovery service, you can kiss your data and your passwords goodbye.

Unload the burden of password conning to password managers.

Additional tips-
Start using two-factor authorizations
Use Biometrics like iris scanner and fingerprints wherever possible
Be aware of phishing attacks
Enter passwords only on secure websites