The 4 Common Causes of Android Data Loss

The 4 Common Causes of Android Data Loss

The 4 Common Causes of Android Data Loss
Isn’t it wrenching when your favorite photo with your SO is lost from Samsung S9? Or how about those 1-hour recordings of your history class you recorded on the stereo mics of your LG V30 but your moronic friend deleted? Or are you tired of losing important data every time a new update comes?

Everyone and their granny are riding the smartphone wave. These smarter phones have become such an integral part of households and people’s life. A day without a glass of water is acceptable but an hour without your phone is equivalent of getting a ticket to hell. Photos, snaps, stories, videos, games, apps, contacts – these tiny computers are becoming the home to so much data that an eventual catastrophic data failure is inevitable.

There is a chance of data loss for every phone type whether you use an iPhone or Android. But the risks of data loss on an Android phone are higher because of its open nature.

But you may be wondering, why do these data losses happen? Well, the answer is not simple. There are multiple reasons why a data loss can happen on Android phones. But knowing about these reasons can help you to prevent them next time.

So here is a simple list that would show you the common reasons behind data loss in Android Phones –

Deleting by Accidents
If you have the case of fat fingers or oily ones then you may realize what we are talking about. There are many instances when you are selecting multiple files or just goofing around and you accidentally hit the delete button. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. This is can also happen when you are not paying attention to the file name and select the wrong one for deletion.

It can prove to be damaging as phones have become something personal. You store many personal and private details in there which may be precious to you. If you are facing this problem then you should consider getting help from Android data recovery services as soon as possible.

Software Crashes
The Android app ecosystem is filled with thousands of apps. But it is difficult to build an app that is crash proof for Android because of its dependence on Java and the myriad of models available on Android. It is common for a person to encounter a crash seemingly out of nowhere when they are uploading or saving the data. And a crash at that moment, the majority of times, means data loss. Outdated, unsupported or poorly coded apps often pose the threat of data loss.

Unwanted Access
When phones are lost, it may be possible that the person finding the phone may try to sneak into it. And in that case, he may try to use brute force to enter the system which may lead to complete wiping of the internal data. That or you have a stupid friend who thinks tampering with your phone data makes up for a good laugh.

The best part about Android also becomes the major pain in the rear when it comes to data safety. The open nature of the Android platform means that anyone can mod or alter the systems files to suit their requirements. But doing this on regular basis requires taking a lot of backups and being extremely cautious with the files. One single mistake and the phone becomes a great looking paperweight with no access to its internal storage.