The Problem with Free Data Recovery Tools

The Problem with Free Data Recovery Tools

The Problem with Free Data Recovery Tools
Nobody likes to shell out money from their pockets if they can use some services for free. Similarly, you may be in a situation of data loss, where you have accidentally deleted all your data files. This may tempt you to use various free data recovery tools. Even though these services come for free but it is not wise to use it as you may lose more than you gain. It will be sensible of you if you call a data recovery service provider you can trust rather then going for a free data recovery tool. This article will show you various problems you may face using such free services.


You must know that data is retrievable until and unless nobody overwrites it. A free data recovery tool will overwrite itself on to your drive in a random fashion that will make it impossible for you to retrieve data in case your free recovery tool is unable to revive your data. Usually, once the file is deleted it exists in the hard drive. A professional data recovery service uses this as an opportunity and recovers data easily. However, if your free tool has already overwritten files, then you may have to shell out more time and money. This will do you more bad than good, so do not take any risk and opt for a professional data recovery service with the right diagnostic and data recovery tools.


If you use a free data recovery tool, sooner or later you may hear noises while booting up, your BIOS may refuse to recognize the drive at all. These signs lead to an impending crash. It will make your machine experience a mechanical failure. Further, a free data recovery tool tries to write on the drive, this causes all the more damage. Once your hard drive is damaged, chances of data recovery are completely gone.


Once you set out on the journey to recover your lost data with the help of a free recovery tool, there is no coming back. The free tool damages your drive beyond repair. Since there is no monetary investment, the free tool developer is least bothered about your data and guarantees no success. If you want to stand a chance to recover all your lost data, you must seek the help of a reputable data recovery services, who may charge you a fee but guarantees success. After all, you get what you pay for.


A professional is a professional for a reason. They know how much to study and what to study. A good data recovery service will provide free diagnostics and process to see what went wrong with your drive. They do this without causing any further damage to your drive. They are also equipped with a proper cleanroom environment to conduct their diagnostics that a free recovery tool will never be able to provide you with.

You have already lost your data, so why would you want to choose a service that would ruin the situation all the more for you? Therefore, call a professional data recovery service immediately and get your data back as it is.