The Two Biggest Mistakes Which Ruin Your Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk drives are important for us as they store all kind of important data like photos, videos, documents, important project assignments, etc. However, the sad part about this crucial device is that whatever make and model you purchase, all hard drives will eventually damage. After a certain period of use, your hard drive will inevitably have errors. Hard drives are affected by external factors like moisture, and temperatures, as well as, improper handling also affect their health. Moreover, people make serious mistakes while trying to recover data from hard drive. Of the various handling errors, there are two most damaging mistakes people can make with hard disk drives (HDDs).

Seriously Crashed Hard Drive

  1. The mistake of using the Freezer Trick
    When a hard drive fails, people seek the help of the internet. No doubt, search engines are of great help in providing some most amazing tips and tricks, although, sometimes blindly following these tips leads to further problems. One such problematic tip on the internet regarding hard drive data recovery is putting a broken hard drive in the freezer.The logic behind this trick is to quickly save the data by copying it to another device before another lockup occurs. However, with the advancement of technology, this method is longer correct. Cooling the drive in the freezer can be used to neutralize stiction (static friction), but will also cause the metal to tighten. The advanced and more complex HDDs toady has improved lubrication systems and the problem of stiction rarely occurs which makes this trick useless. The freezing temperature doesn’t work well with HDDs and results in corrosion. You may end up permanently losing your data in case the drive spins up before the ice has melted.
  1. Mistake of Opening the Hard Drive
    Hard drive suffers severe damage if its factory seal gets broken and it gets exposed to the atmosphere even for a few seconds. This is because the HDDs are factory sealed to protect it from dust and minor air particles. If the drive is to be opened, it must be done only in a factory-type environment, that is, a clean room laboratory.The task is, thus, performed by HDD data recovery and drive saver engineers who have expertise in recovering lost data in the safest environment. Another issue with a broken seal is that it makes manufacturer warranty invalid. However, certified data recovery engineers are recognized by these HDD manufacturers to open their hard drives without affecting the drive’s warranty. Therefore, to recover your valuable data and fix crashed hard drive, it is wise to take help of a professional data recovery and drive saver engineer.To prevent any such unfortunate event where you lose your precious data, it is best practice to always have a backup. Moreover, with proper handling, you can increase the lifespan of hard disk drives.
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