Things to Consider When Buying an External Hard Disk

Things to Consider When Buying an External Hard Disk

Do you want to back up your data? If you want to store your important files safely, you may go for cloud storage. It’s a good idea to backup your data on the cloud but what if your internet goes down? To make sure that you always have access to your important files, you must have a backup close at hand.

Things to Consider When Buying an External Hard Disk

There are multiple options to store data but hard drives offer the best possible storage solution. A hard drive is not used for backing up data but can also be used to expand the storage of lower-end laptops and portable devices. Every desktop computer or laptop contains a hard-disk drive. It stores an enormous amount of information in a non-volatile way. Besides internal computer hard drive, you may also use an external hard drive to store more data in a portable way. Backing up data on an external hard drive is the best way to store your data and keep it safe from system crashes and other potential problems.

If you’re looking to replace an old hard drive or buy an additional backup drive, you might get confused about which one to buy. Shopping for an external hard drive can be confusing because there are a lot of options available in the market. But don’t worry, here’s a guide to tell you what to look for when buying an external hard disk.

Storage Capacity
Your priority is to get a drive that can hold all your important files like images, videos, music, and documents. Before you go shopping for a hard drive, make sure to evaluate your storage capacity needs. The hard drives are available in capacity ranging from 250 gigabytes to several terabytes. If you want to store big files for the long term, it’s best to get something bigger like 1TB or more. There’s no point in spending money on a high-speed device with encryption and remote access if it’s not fulfilling your storage needs.

Transfer Speed
Another important feature to consider is the transfer speed of the drive. Speed plays an important role if you transfer files back and forth regularly. Typically, most of the hard drive on the market comes with 5,400 rpm speed. But if you need quick downloads, you should look for faster models. The speed of the drive depends on its storage technology and the connector. If transfer speed is your concern, it’s better to go for a solid-state drive (SSD).

If you need to store confidential pieces of information, security should be your primary concern. To keep your data safe, look for encryption. You may find several drives that are compatible with software encryption solutions. But for maximum security, you should look for an external hard drive that comes with hardware-based encryption.

Whether you use Mac or any other PC, you need to make sure that the hard drive is compatible with your system. At the time of buying a new external hard drive, you should keep compatibility in your mind. The hard drive you buy should be compatible with your computer’s operating system, whether it’s a Mac, Windows, or Linux.