Things to Consider When Purchasing an External Hard Drive

Things to Consider When Purchasing an External Hard Drive

Can you imagine losing your documents, photographs, music, and videos? Whether it’s your business files or personal data, it’s crucial to maintain a backup of your important files. If you’re not actively backing up your data, a sudden hard drive crash or virus attack may result in losing all your important documents and images.

There are multiple options to back up your data. You may either create a backup on a cloud-based service such as Dropbox or use any hardware like flash drives or SD cards. Each storage option has some benefits but an external hard drive remains one of the most popular ways to back up data. An external HDD is one of the best storage devices because of its portability, convenience of use, and high storage capacity.


Things to Consider When Purchasing an External Hard Drive

The external hard drives are manufactured by several different companies and each brand releases multiple options. The availability of numerous models makes it extremely challenging to choose the right device. So how do you know which HDD is right for you?

When it comes to buying an external hard drive, there are several factors to consider. These factors include your storage needs, compatibility, speed, portability, security, and the type of drive. So if you’re looking to buy an external hard drive, here are some features to consider.

Storage Capacity
First, you need to think about how much data you want to store. Depending on your storage needs, you need to search for drives with a little more storage capacity. The hard drives are available in up to 18 terabytes capacity and even more. Whether you want to store your personal data or need to backup office documents or RAW files, make sure to evaluate your storage needs carefully. For instance, photographers who need to backup RAW files and video require a hard drive with more storage capacity.

If you don’t check the compatibility, you may end up buying a hard drive that you can’t run on your computer. At the time of purchasing a drive, you should always consider the type of connective ports your computer has so that the hard drive you pick is compatible with your system. Usually, the external hard drives available in the market are compatible with all major platforms like Windows, Mac, or Linux. However, it still makes sense to check the compatibility before spending your money.

Transfer Speed
Another important consideration is the transfer speed of the external hard drive. For those who want to backup heavy and bulky files like RAW images, an external hard drive with a 3.0 USB interface would be a better option because its transfer rate is faster than USB 2.0. If you want an even higher transfer speed, look for the eSATA interface which is three times faster than USB 3.0.

Depending on your budget and needs, you should also think about which type of drive you need to get. There are two main options when it comes to external hard drives- Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Those who are looking for a durable device with a good transfer rate should go for an SSD. However, as compared to an HDD, an SSD is more expensive.