Tips to Maintain Cyber Hygiene in 2019

Tips to Maintain Cyber Hygiene in 2019

Tips to Maintain Cyber Hygiene in 2019
To maintain cyber hygiene means to ensure the efficiency of your computer while also making it endure the test of time smoothly. Maintaining cyber hygiene is a healthy habit and it doesn’t necessarily have to be done professionally. It is a proactive way to preserve your data and anyone can easily follow a series of steps to keep the health of their device in check while also providing their device the security that it needs. To make cyber hygiene your habit, establish a routine as it is the best way to make these practices become a part of your everyday work.


Is Practicing Cyber Hygiene Necessary?
Just like how the clutter accumulated inside our homes or offices and gives us a visual remark to clear the mess and reorganize things to reestablish order, our computers also need to be cleaned to free them of the clutter in regular intervals. Computers can accumulate clutter in the form of fragmented files and outdated programs, which remains unseen and causes problems in your system. Software programs and browser add-ons can accumulate to slow down the speed of your device without really providing any benefits.


Cyber Hygiene Checklist
Start your cyber hygiene routine by establishing the components (hardware, software and applications) that need to be cleaned and reorganised. Give them a basic sweep and then more forth to add to your cyber routine:

1.Update your privacy settings and security settings. Update your passwords regularly and do not share them with anybody. Also, make sure you know the difference between digital privacy and cyber security.

2.Add a password manager to protect your data and to manage passwords. Also, add two-factor authentication to your accounts and apps.

3.Create a backup for your backup. Delete old, outdated backups that are no longer needed to get rid of unnecessary clutter. The recent rise of free cloud backups encourages people to create multiple backups on servers and apps, about which they completely forget in time. This major mistake renders your data vulnerable to hackers and to theft.

4.Get your credit card statement and audit your digital services. You’ll be amazed to see how many services might be set to auto-renew that you remember nothing of. Save your cash. Your devices might be bloating unnecessarily with software, updates, and even excessive emails you don’t need. Clear that out.

5.Pass on the healthy habits. The impact of cyber leaks and attacks have been felt by us all yet the importance of maintaining cyber hygiene and practicing cyber security is not known by many. From untaught employees to teenagers these days who are growing up in this digital age– everyone needs to be taught cyber hygiene. Therefore, after establishing your own digital hygiene practices, pass on the knowledge by teaching your friends, family or staff members to make the most out of their digital life while staying safe and protected.