Top 3 Mistakes that Lead to Data Loss

Top 3 Mistakes that Lead to Data Loss
The incidences of data loss are on the rise as individuals, as well as businesses are at risk of data breaches, thefts, and loss. Preventing data loss is necessary for every business because such incidents lead to loss of valuable business documents, company time, reputation, revenue, and customers.

When sensitive data is deleted, stolen, or compromised, your company may lose trust and respect for the clients. There are several causes of data loss and one big reason is human error. This happens when you accidentally delete important files or make mistakes that lead to corruption or viruses. Also, with the increasing complexity of advanced storage systems, the risk of data loss has increased. These days, organization and individuals store their data in multiple locations and on different devices. This has increased the chances of making errors and losing data that can be detrimental to the business of every size.

Now you might be wondering that is there any way to prevent data loss scenarios. Although it’s not possible to completely eliminate chances of data loss, at least you can take steps to minimize such occurrences.  Here we have listed the most common mistakes that lead to loss of your precious data. By avoiding the following mistakes, you can avoid problematic data loss incidences to a great extent.

  1. Clicking on Malicious Links
    Virus attacks are the biggest cause of data theft and loss. The most common type of virus attack is phishing attacks. This happens when you or your employee click on the malicious link and the virus penetrates your device, destroying your crucial data. Most of the users are aware of such virus attacks but still, they don’t take precautionary steps. If you don’t want to become a victim of virus attack, make sure to guard your devices against malware by installing antivirus products. Keep scanning your smartphone or computer regularly to detect a computer virus before it will cause any severe damage. Also, keep updating your applications by downloading their recent editions.
  1. Continue Working on an Affected Server
    Sometimes, hard drive crash catastrophically and you end up losing your data.  Hard drive failure can occur due to mechanical breakdown or human mistakes. When you detect hard drive malfunction or your server gets affected, you should discontinue working. People make a mistake of working on the affected server which can make data recovery difficult. So it is necessary that as soon as you notice that data is missing on a computer, you immediately shut down that server and freeze the current database.
  1. Third-Party Apps
    Some users make a mistake of sharing their sensitive data with unauthorized third parties.  In companies, employees share files through cloud services by simply generating a shareable link. This file link is sent to vendors, partners, or clients and you don’t even know who can view or forward it. Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive allow authorizing and running third-party applications on behalf of various apps and websites. When you share file links, it may become available to anyone and your data can be modified or deleted. To avoid this problem, you need to restrict access to shared documents. You should always keep multiple copies of data and share access only to those people you can trust.
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