Top 6 Reasons of Android Data Loss

Top 6 Reasons of Android Data Loss

Top 6 Reasons of Android Data Loss
Data loss is nothing but a nightmare. A panic-stricken person can face a heart attack when their Android device loses data. Contacts, SMSes, music, photos everything is a part, and parcel of your android phone and losing is all may feel terrible. After all, they remind you of your wonderful precious memories. It is very important to figure out the reasons behind such data loss. This article has narrowed down 6 such reasons that cause data loss on Android devices.

1. Updating your device

Upgrading your device to a higher operating system can make you lose all your data and it may also leave no trace to help you recover all the data. Also, switching to a higher version makes it impossible to create a backup for all your files. Retrieving data is a tedious process but you will have to give all your time and money to opt for that process.

2. Losing your device

Another reason for you to lose data is theft. Your device can get stolen or damaged in an accident such as it may fall into the water. This way you will lose all your data and if you don’t have proper backups then even when you buy a new phone you wouldn’t be able to retrieve it.

3. Fat fingers

The fat finger is a term that means you deleted your data by mistake. It is a form of human error where you accidentally delete the wrong files. It wasn’t your intention to do that but one mistake and you ended up losing all your data.

4. Jailbreak

There is no stopping to a curious mind, many people tend to approach Android experts to get the most of their devices. Even though it is sometimes helpful but to gain wonderful features they end up losing a lot many indispensable data in the bargain.

5. Battery replacement

If you are planning to replace your battery then be careful as sometimes a process as simple as battery replacement will cause your device to lose all your data, and your operating system may be reset to the original factory version.

6. Software corruption

Anyone who has used an Android device has faced issues like mobile suddenly shutting off, or the phone hanging while saving an important document or photo. These scenarios are the scenarios of software corruption. It is caused when the phone’s memory is full.

There are several other miscellaneous reasons like virus attacks, files getting corrupted due to repeated usage on different devices, rooting and flashing ROM.

As and when you learn about your android data loss, you must go for a powerful Android data recovery program to help yourself from reputable data recovery services.