Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

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2018 was a big year for innovation in technology and now it’s the time to predict tech trends for 2019. We are already in the first month of 2019 and this is the perfect time to predict what will happen in the technology industry in the upcoming months. Some predictions like digital transformation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing are quite obvious. However, it is to see how these areas of technology might evolve this year. IT leaders have analyzed the trends from the previous year to anticipate which innovations will become an integral part of doing business and which will fade in importance.

The technology trends of the year determine how industries transform and the New Year shapes. Catching up with these latest trends is crucial for industries otherwise they could be left behind and may even extinct. As such, it’s important to anticipate upcoming trends so that organizations can make the best budget and production plans accordingly.

Here, in this post, we’ve listed the top technology trends that will influence industries and consumers in 2019. Check out the top trends expected to emerge in 2019 so you can get the inside scoop for the New Year.

5G Network
The most obvious tech trend to watch closely in 2019 will be 5G. The fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) will play a significant role in shaping other technologies. In 2019, the 5G networks are expected to finally dominate the mobile broadband environment. It will increase the top speed of the 4G network nearly 100 times, enabling faster downloads and upload. The features like high reliability, low latency, and large capacity will improve the immersive experience of other emerging techs, like virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, with time the networks will evolve into the cloud or become software-based.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
In 2019, R+ which comprises Advances in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) will remain at the forefront. Till now, R+ was dominating the gaming industries but now it will bring some fascinating new practical applications for other industries as well. It will become a useful tool in industries such as engineering design, manufacturing, healthcare, and space exploration. The technology can be used to train doctors, nurses, teachers, and police officers and will soon be available on your smart device.

Blockchain technology will speed up
Blockchain in 2019 is expected to become an integral part of the business platform to enable transactional transparency. The rapid digitization of various industries is likely to see the deployment of blockchain applications for restructuring and optimization of trusted data flow across participants. Thus, this distributed ledger will reshape industries by providing transparency, in addition to reducing costs and transaction settlement times. Moreover, the use of this technology will not be limited to businesses as blockchain applications will be seen in our daily life. It will be used for cross-border remittances, supply-chain financing, electronic invoices, and many other purposes.

Social credit algorithms
The use of biometrics and blended social data streams are being used to determine a person’s public social sanction. In our increasingly networked world, algorithms use facial recognition and other advanced biometrics to identify a person. The data about a person can be retrieved from social media and other digital profiles in order to approve or refuse access to consumer products or social services. Though the advancing technology brings in new hopes, with advancements some data-related threats also arise. May the future bring best for all for us!