Useful Tips to Keep Your Laptop in Top Working Condition

Useful Tips to Keep Your Laptop in Top Working Condition

The latest laptops are quite sturdy and designed to withstand gentle abuse. But that doesn’t mean to take it for granted! Laptops are not only expensive but also one of the most important devices. Laptops are more convenient than desktop computers. And due to their portability, laptops have become the first choice of professionals, students, entrepreneurs, novelists, and even gamers. You can store valuable business documents, personal images, music, and a lot more precious data in your laptop. Given the crucial functions your laptop performs, it’s necessary to take good care of it.

Useful Tips to Keep Your Laptop in Top Working Condition

You might not realize it but your laptop takes a lot of abuse. You carry your laptop with you on plane rides, plug-in devices, and switch media. While doing all this, you often forget to take care of your constant work companion. You use a laptop for business work, storing precious photographs, staying in touch with friends, writing memos, analyzing spreadsheets, and more. What if all of a sudden your dear laptop stops working? What if in a blink of an eye, you lose all your critical documents and files? A sudden laptop failure can be a headache and may put your work-life at a halt. To avoid such a problematic situation, it’s advised to follow a preventive maintenance schedule.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the smooth operation of your laptop and prevent data loss scenarios. The following tips will help you keep your laptop in top working condition for years to come:

Clean Up the Hard Drive
It is a good practice to check the laptop once or twice a month to remove any errors or problems which might have crept. The unnecessary files on the hard drive should be cleaned. At least once a month, check your hard drive to remove the unnecessary files. You should also uninstall programs that are no longer needed. Run a disk cleanup, find duplicate files and delete them. When you free up the hard drive, your laptop will run smoother.

Keep Your Laptop Clean
There are two sides to laptop maintenance: hardware and software. As far as hardware maintenance is concerned, you need to keep your laptop physically clean. Dirt and dust particles can accumulate over time and cause overheating. Make sure to keep your laptop fans and exposed ports dust-free. You should make a habit of shutting down your laptop and clean its screen, keyboard, and other outer parts. Be gentle while cleaning and use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution only.

Take Full Back-Up
According to your usage, you should fix a back-up schedule. If you use a laptop for business work, consider weekly backup. For personal use, monthly or bi-weekly backup is sufficient. You can choose either a hardware storage device or cloud backup. It’s best to store your data at multiple locations to minimize the risk of data loss.

Software Updates
Now coming to the software part! To keep your system running at its peak, keep all the software programs updated. Begin with updating your anti-virus and firewall software. The software updates help in fixing security issues that help keep your laptop and data protected.