Ways To Recover Corrupted SD Card

Ways To Recover Corrupted SD Card

In today’s digital era, people rely more on SD cards for personal data storage. This way, they get access to volatile storage and encryption capabilities. Also, these latest SD cards are faster and are commonly used in music players, android smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and other portable devices.

Ways To Recover Corrupted SD Card

Besides these advantages, SD cards have disadvantages as well; they are prone to corruption and accidental formatting, which leads to loss of all stored photos, videos, and audio files. But due to advancement in technology, a fix has been created for this problem as well.

Below are the ways to recover the corrupted SD card:

1) Connect your SD card to another device: Try to connect your SD card to another device as at times a particular device may not link to an SD card due to incompatibility or driver related issues.

2) Assign a new drive letter to a corrupted SD card: Connect your SD card to a card reader in the system, if a new drive letter isn’t assigned by your system, then it is not reading it, or your card has become corrupted. To recover your corrupted SD card, assign a new drive letter to your connected card through your operating system settings.

3) Use SanDisk in-built solution to restore files from corrupted SD card: If you are not able to go through any of your files, then possibly the directory will list the file names, but you can’t have access to it. Also, if you see used space on the card and it shows almost free space, then either all files have been deleted, or the directory has been erased. If that is the case, then you can use a Sandisk inbuilt solution that will help you to restore all the deleted files quickly and easily.

4) Format SD card: If your card has been corrupted and your all files are lost, you can recover it by reformatting, but it will remove everything on the card. Therefore make sure you have copied everything to another device before the SD card format.

In the case of a camera and android phone, you need to use a memory card recovery software as most of the files on your card will be related to photos or other media files.

5) Using recovery software: When your SD card becomes corrupted, and the stored data gets lost, recovery software can be used to restore things. Also, to recover all lost files from an SD card, make sure the card is not damaged.

In addition to that, stop using your SD card before recovery.

6) Recover a corrupted SD card using the CHKDSK command: CHKDSK option will verify and fix any possible errors on the corrupted SD card and recover the information. If this command is not helpful, then you can use EaseUS disk data recovery to retrieve your files. Both options will work as a way to recover the corrupted SD card.