Why do Hackers Hack: Top 3 Reasons Explained

For all the headlines you come across in the news every day, a significant percentage is regarding massive data breaches and cyber-attacks. You might think there might be some personal grudges or benefits of the person intending to hack a website, but most of the time, hackers are simply able to spot a website’s vulnerability and target it.

Hackers are often referred to as individuals who obtain access to your computer systems and network with illegal means. But in reality, these are skilled professionals that know your computers and their security inside out. Thus, they aren’t necessarily dangerous or criminals. You can categorize them depending on their purpose of hacking a system.

  • White Hat Hackers: These are ethical hackers with no intention of harming your system. Rather, they help you identify the weak points in your network system as an important part of vulnerability assessment.
  • Black Hat Hackers: These are the actual crackers that break-in your systems to cause harm to the operations or steal sensitive data. This type of hacking is completely illegal and punishable under law.
  • Grey Hat Hackers: They fall somewhere between white hat and black hat hackers and can have both good and bad intentions behind their skills performed. However, they do exploit a security weakness without the owner’s permission.

Why do Hackers Hack: Top 3 Reasons Explained

Now that you have understood the types of hackers explore the driving force behind their malicious intents. Following are the key reasons as to why hackers hack:

  1. To Benefit From Your Resources
    You might think that your small business isn’t big enough to gain the attention of some hackers. However, it is not always your business details that hackers might be straightaway interested in. They may be more inclined towards leveraging your server resources and use them to create a larger impact they have planned for later on.
  1. To Enjoy Monetary Gain
    A lot of people believe that hackers are paid a huge fee to exploit data and websites. But there is so much more that cyber attackers may get benefitted from. Things like your credit card information, including CVV and billing address, username and passwords, contact information, etc. can be further sold to unethical marketers.
  1. To Prove their Superiority
    The hackers that fall into this category are the most interesting. They are hardly bothered about the money or the data of the company. They either do all the hacking for fun or break into your website for the simple reason of showing that they can do it.  Such kinds of incidents have been doing the rounds since the advent of the internet.
    Cyber attacks are inevitable. An organization may encounter data theft or loss at least once in its lifetime. That is why companies across the world are resorting to more reliable means of security and regular backup practices. Doing this can help them recover the data (by a reliable data recovery company) lost during the process of being hacked.
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