Why Offsite Data Backup is Necessary?

Why Offsite Data Backup is Necessary?

Why Offsite Data Backup is Necessary?
Business-Backup-Backup-Business. Don’t these words go hand in hand the longest distance possible? All businesses, no matter how big or small have certain amount of data which they’d dread losing even in a nightmare for it’s a destruction of not only data but a huge amount of work done over months and years for the business. Most businesses across the world keep an onsite backup or a local backup to keep their data safe. Anticipating hardware or server failures, or damage to information caused by malware or auto deletion of files. These instances, though we wish are forbidden might cause all data to be vanished permanently and at times like those the local backup or emergency backup comes to rescue with data recovery. These concepts seem alien to most businesses that are new but they are absolute bliss in times of misery caused by destruction of important files and data.

But is backing up onsite enough? Relying on a set up as vulnerable as onsite backup is like taking risk to the best of your risk taking appetite. Little have you wondered of instances working against favours. Your basic assumption has been that the local area is free of any tampering threats and hence your files are safe and recoverable. Is ruling out possibilities of uneventful happenings and natural disasters actually practical? Imagine the possibility of disasters such as war, terrorist attack or sabotage? Will your data still remain safe? Or maybe natural disasters like an earthquake causing massive destruction or maybe floods or fires? Should not you plan a backup for your files protecting them against disasters beyond your control? Offsite data backup is a good option for you to plan well of disaster management in advance.

Offsite data backup basically means having a backup of all or most of your important data in a place that is away from harm or damage in most obvious conditions. You should not entirely rely on any one source of backup for important business files. Offsite data backup not only refers to backup in multiple locations but also a backup kept away from business premises to ensure access even if the area is damaged entirely so as to not lose out on important information. Also you should ensure keeping such a back free of threats of theft. Offsite backup is mostly taken as scheduled backups from all systems in the office. This scheduling is frequent so as to not lose out on much information at any time. This way all computers are backed up on the offsite location and also have access to it in cases of emergency.

Has not it been absolutely necessary for us to have backup of every personal file we ever had? All our phones are backed up to the extent that no contact, text message or even photograph is lost. Every file is backed up carefully and often at multiple laces to avoid losing data so dear to us. The songs we know are readily available too are backed up into every device ever to ensure not risking your collection. Is it not then necessary to have just as powerful a backup for your business files? Most business files are important and are needed at some point of time or the other long after the file is made and saved. In cases such as these it is always advisable to have an offsite backup which is not frequently accessed to eliminate possibilities of damages caused my human error or natural or man-made disasters.

Also, often important business files face the risk of details being tampered with or important information being stolen and then deleted. These can be moments of huge setback to businesses that do not have proper back up of all such files to prevent the tampered details from being used for future purposes in the business. Also you would not lose any financial records or pertinent information without which functioning of your business might hamper.

Offsite data backup alone is not an option as viable as going along with both data backup as well as protection against data theft.

Do you know what the best part about offsite data backup is? It does not burn a hole in your pocket and is extremely cost effective. Once your data is backed up in an offsite location, you can choose a flat rate data recovery option so as to not trouble you with data recovery costs from your own hardware which might cost you a fortune depending on the brand and make of the hardware. One flat rate will retrieve your data for you without the when? How? What? Why? being answered. You do not even have to know the cause of lost data to retrieve it. It is all there and few clicks will sort you out. Is not offsite data backup on your bucket list right away? If not, be prepared to regret.