Compact Flash Memory Data Recovery

Compact Flash drive data recovery, USB data recovery, and stick drive data recovery present unique opportunities to salvage valuable information from drives that have been damaged, corrupted, or otherwise stopped working. Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that data cannot be recovered from such devices and throw them away, losing precious data and irreplaceable personal information. Platinum Data Recovery services can easily recover data from damaged or malfunctioning cf drives–please call us for more information.

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We offer data recovery services for the following media devices:

  • MiniSD card
  • SM (Smart Media) card
  • xD-Picture card
  • Memory Stick card
  • CF (Compact Flash) drives
  • SD (Secure Digital) card
  • P2 card
  • MicroSD card

Overall, there are two types of drive data recovery for Flash Drives: Logical and Physical.

Logical CF Data Recovery

A logical failure is one where the data itself is problematic, or the system has been exposed to a malicious virus or other code where the data recovery process must work to recover information byte-by-byte. A logical failure requiring flash drive data recovery could also consist of accidentally deleted or lost data, or an inadvertent or improper drive reformatting.

Physical Data Recovery

Physical failure of a flash drive usually occurs as a result of
some type of damage or trauma to the device that renders it
unreadable. This could be as a result of: dropping the unit;
improper installation or insertion techniques; contamination
with dirt, debris, food and/or liquids; or any other cause of
physical damage. In cases such as these, delicate tools and
instruments must be used in order to extract the data intact.
Platinum Data Recovery specializes in cases exactly like this and
has the skills and equipment needed to securely recover your

There could be a number of reasons that your flash drive
stopped working, including: physical damage or trauma;
excessive pressures or temperatures; improper insertion;
condensation or exposure to other contaminants like liquids
and food items; submersion; corruption of data, and a number
of software-related issues that can cause a flash drive to

When Is CF Data Recovery Needed?

The following is a further list of explanations as to what could be wrong with your drive:

  • Damaged flash drive controller
  • Flash drive or USB drive exposed to a liquid, such as water, coffee, etc.
  • Broken flash drive connectors
  • Incorrectly formatted drive
  • Flash drive file system damage
  • Corrupted master file table
  • Computer not recognizing flash drive or USB drive
  • Flash drive with burnt chips

Why Choose Us for CF Card Data Recovery?

Because there is often only one chance to recover your data, please call us immediately if your flash drive or USB drive has stopped working. We offer the most comprehensive flash drive data recovery services in the industry with the highest success rates available. Call us now. In many cases, we can evaluate, repair, or recover data in as little as a few days.

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