Flash Memory Data Recovery

Platinum Data Recovery is a trusted name for successfully recovering data from every type and brand of the flash memory-based storage device. As a specialist in flash data recovery, our engineers have the experience to work safely with all types of flash devices, and we offer industry-leading success rates for various formats. We have the knowledge and expertise to recover data from flash media devices, whether they are physically damaged, unrecognized by operating systems, or unmountable in cameras and other devices.

Flash drive data recovery, USB data recovery, and stick drive data recovery present unique opportunities to salvage valuable information from drives that have been damaged, corrupted, or stopped working. Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that data cannot be recovered from such devices and throw them away, losing precious data and irreplaceable information. However, with Platinum Data Recovery, your data is in professional hands whether you have a USB Flash drive, CF or Cfast card, SD Card, Memory Stick and etc.

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We offer data recovery services for the following media devices:

  • USB flash drives
  • CF card
  • MicroSD card
  • Cfast card
  • SxS memory card
  • SD card
  • Red mini-mag
  • XQD card

Overall, there are two types of drive data recovery for Flash Drives: Logical and Physical.

Logical Data Recovery

Logical failure is very common. It can be a result of accidental deletion or formatting as well as virus damage. Also, we get a lot of memory cards and flash drives with file corruption, damaged or missing files. All these problems are handled at Platinum Data recovery on a daily basis. We have tools and equipment to get the data back in all types of logical failures.

Physical Data Recovery

Physical failure of a flash drive usually occurs as a result of
some type of damage or trauma to the device that renders it
unreadable. This could be as a result of broken connectors;
improper installation or insertion techniques; contamination
with dirt, debris, food and/or liquids; or any other cause of
physical damage. In cases such as these, delicate tools and
instruments must be used in order to extract the data intact.
Platinum Data Recovery specializes in cases exactly like this and
has the skills and equipment needed to securely recover your

In case of physical damage your storage device
won't be recognized by the computer.
It can even freeze your computer when the device is connected.
If data is valuable to you please disconnect your flash media,
do not try to plug in and push or bent the device in order to
try to get a better connection.

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When Is Data Recovery Needed?

Here are some common data loss scenarios for flash devices where Platinum Data Recovery may come to your rescue:

  • Damaged flash or card controller
  • Flash drive or card exposed to a liquid
  • Broken flash drive connectors
  • Incorrectly formatted
  • File system damage
  • Computer not recognizing storage device
  • Electronical damage

Flash Drive Data Recovery

If you’re worried about recovering your data from broken memory stick or failed USB flash drive, we are here to help you. We not only recover data from damaged or corrupted flash drives but also recover files from media that has been accidentally formatted. Flash memory is found in many different devices that we all use every day. Platinum Data Recovery specializes in recovering your precious data from many different scenarios. Whether you have accidentally deleted files from your device or if the computer fails to recognize the device, we have the expertise to handle every situation.


SD Card Data Recovery Solutions

We understand the value of your photos, videos, and other important personal or business related data. Whether your SD Card suffered any physical damage or logical damage, we’ll help you get back your lost or deleted photos, videos from SD cards. We recover data from all branded SD cards and have the highest success rate in the industry. Be its SD card or a micro SD card, each data loss situation is different. We have recovered data from thousands of SD cards.


CF or Cfast Card Recovery

CF or Cfast cards, typically used in portable electronic devices such as digital cameras and video recorders are vulnerable to logical problems. If your card is corrupted or cannot be accessed in the camera or on the computer, we have the right solution for you. Formatting your card will delete your data and it can make the recovery process more difficult. Whether it’s a logical issue or any physical damage, call platinum data Recovery for immediate assistance.

Why Choose Us for Flash Data Recovery?

Because there is often only one chance to recover your data, please call us immediately if your flash drive or USB drive has stopped working. We offer the most comprehensive flash drive data recovery services in the industry with the highest success rates available.

Call us now. In many cases, we can evaluate, repair, or recover data in as little as a few days.

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Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, Lacie, Iomega, G-Tech, Sandisk, Lexar and etc.