Transfer drive

Your assigned engineer asked me to contact you and let you know we are finalizing your recovery and ask about the transfer drive. As of right now, we need any kind of transfer drive to copy your recovered data and deliver it to you. You have an option to either purchase one transfer drive from us or provide us with your own formatted, empty drive. We have portable and desktop size external hard drives.

Portable hard drives do not require external power and can be powered by USB which makes it convenient to use.
The brand may vary depending on availability, but most of the time it’s Toshiba, Western Digital, or Seagate.

All of our hard drives are USB 3.0 that supports USB 2.0.

Here is the price list:

Portable hard drive 1TB – $89
Portable hard drive 2TB – $109
Portable hard drive 4TB – $149
Portable hard drive 5TB – $159
Portable Armor hard drive 5TB – $209

Desktop hard drive 10TB – $249
Desktop hard drive 12TB – $329
Desktop hard drive 16TB – $644

Prices include all the fee’s, taxes, and nationwide shipping and handling back to you (if requested).

Also please let me know if you currently using Mac or PC so we can pick/format your hard drive accordingly.

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