At Platinum Data Recovery Services, we don't look for trends in technology and customer
service – we set them. We understand that every data recovery project is a critical one that
can mean the difference between success and failure for our exclusive clients.

Our data recovery services have been the foremost source for professional data recovery
for over 16 years. Our reputation for strict security and exceptional success rates has
propelled us from a small startup in 1996 to the world's leader in data recovery. We've
coupled these attributes with a passion for delivering the industry's most responsive and
dedicated customer service experience.

What We Do

Beyond our business philosophies and practices lies the heart of what we're all about: technical
competency. We not only possess the most advanced technologies and equipment available today, we
are masters in their management and application. In fact, we've integrated one of the most forward-
thinking continuing education projects for our technicians in any market.

Our data recovery services include expert:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • SSD Data Recovery
  • CF card data recovery
  • Flash Data Recovery
  • Apple / Mac Data Recovery

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in recovering data that has been lost or made inaccessible due to failed
hard drives, RAID configurations, flash drives, as well as CF,SD and microSD cards and
much more. And because we understand that your data is valuable, sensitive and must be protected,
we provide a full Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for your peace of mind.

However, after we’ve successfully retrieved your data and have stored it securely, our task is not
complete. We’ll also provide you with the skills and resources needed to ensure that your data is not
exposed to risk again, as well as methods of mitigating risks that are unavoidable. For large businesses,
organizations and corporations, we can provide a complete data recovery and backup solution custom
designed to meet your specific needs. We believe in service after the sale, because the fact of the matter
is that if you’re in possession of sensitive materials, they must be protected for life – not just once in an

And while we will take on even the most complex data recovery services project with confidence, we also
feel that prevention is a far better measure than a cure. This is the foundation of our customer service
philosophies, and we apply this in every business experience that we engage in.

If you need hard drive data recovery services or data recovery for any piece of equipment of storage
device regardless of the make, model or type of failure, you can be assured that Platinum Data Recovery
is the safest, most effective and potent solution available. Call to find out for yourself – in many cases we
can recover your data in as little as a few days and restore your control over your valuable information.

However, we do urge you to take action quickly, as the longer you wait to get data recovery services,

the harder the process could become.

Call (800) 313-0044 or (323) 347-4444