Drobo Data Recovery Services | All You Need To Know

Drobo Data Recovery: All You Need To Know

Our engineers are experts in Drobo data recovery that have experienced physical or logical damage, or both. Drobo storage devices are packed with great data protection features, but they are still susceptible to data loss. In the event of data loss from any Drobo device, we can restore your data. Our engineers specialize in recovering data from Drobo Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Our data recovery services include our industry-leading confidentiality guarantee to every customer. We follow strict security protocols during the recovery process.

Drobo Data Recovery: All You Need To Know

Drobo products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• Drobo 5C
• Drobo 5D3
• Drobo 8D
• Drobo 5N2
• Drobo B810n
• Drobo B810i
• Drobo B1200i
• DroboProFS
• DroboElite/B800i
• Drobo Mini

Common Drobo problems

The drives can experience the same issues as any other in the sense that they can suffer from logical and physical trauma. If some type of virus, malware, or any other malicious software were to install then it risks the integrity of the drive. Hard drives do wear and fail after a period of time, but they can experience complications if they are dropped, overheated, or tampered with. If clicking is heard, then turn off the Drobo device and immediately and call us. Turning it back on can cause further damage to the drives and potential loss of data.

The downside to this format is that the disks use the Drobo configuration, which means they cannot be used or read by any other system. Do not attempt to mount them to anything but a Drobo product. If you want to be able to swap the drives into another system but still expand your storage with drives of different capacities, alternatives would be Netgear’s X-RAID, Synology’s Hybrid RAID, or LaCie’s SimplyRAID systems.

Why choose us for Drobo data recovery?

Handling drives used for a Drobo platform can be tricky, and Platinum Data Recovery will provide you with the most secure and comprehensive recovery options in the industry. Our engineers have the skills and the resources necessary to recover data from any piece of equipment regardless of manufacturer, interface, system, or configuration. We understand that recovering this information can be critical and time-sensitive, so don’t let you or your business wait for a lesser form of resolve. Call us now!

Advanced Drobo data recovery service

If your Drobo device is not working properly, then it becomes crucial to first find out the nature of the damage. At Platinum Data Recovery, we provide advanced data recovery services for all Drobo systems. Drobo devices include both Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). As a series of multi-disk devices, Drobo is designed primarily for professional users and small to medium-sized businesses. Drobo devices come in a wide range of capacities, from 1 to 80 TB, using from 4 to 12 disk bays. As a series of high-performance SAN devices, Drobo devices offer safe, reliable storage, and scalability. But like any other storage device, data loss is always a possibility. Drobo systems may suffer data loss due to multiple hard drive failures, accidental deletion, user error, or software issues. In such data loss scenarios, we offer a full range of data recovery services on all Drobo products.

As a well-established data recovery company, we have invested in cutting-edge technology and developed proprietary utilities in our laboratory to provide consistently successful Drobo data recovery. We are an experienced Drobo Data Recovery Company offering quick and guaranteed data recovery services. Our data recovery engineers have worked with all types of RAID and are capable of handling both physical and logical data loss scenarios.

Fast and confidential

Drobo offers network storage solutions for individuals and businesses around the world. The company provides a series of multi-disk devices that include both Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). These storage devices come with good data protection features, but data loss can occur because of a range of issues or accidents. If your Drobo device is not working properly or if it fails to turn on, then seeking professional assistance is the best option. In the case of device failure, you should never attempt to re-build a failed drive.

Your emergency Drobo
data recovery partner

When it comes to your business data, Drobo NAS failure can have severe consequences. At Platinum Data Recovery, we are renowned for offering emergency data recovery services for all Drobo devices. For businesses, data loss/failures/corruption could cause significant downtime. However, there’s always a risk of data loss due to logical issues, hardware failure, human error, hacking, or malware.

When it comes to retrieving sensitive data, businesses, as well as government organizations rely on our best-in-class data recovery services.

If you need the fastest possible turnaround, our team is available 24/7 to provide you with emergency recovery services. We provide the highest priority to emergency cases where data loss could be devastating. Contact us today to get emergency Drobo data recovery services.

Drobo is renowned for producing durable and dependable devices, but no storage device is perfect. You may encounter data loss due to firmware or hardware failure, NAS re-configuration, or power issues. When the Drobo device fails, retrieving lost data can be complex. But no matter what kind of storage array you’re using, we can restore your data if your device fails.

Platinum Data Recovery is the first choice of Drobo users because of our high success rate and best turnaround time. When you contact us, we’ll get a diagnostic report, a detailed quote, and our reliable confidentiality guarantee. We respect your privacy and which is why we provide a confidentiality guarantee to ensure that your data will remain secure at every step of the recovery process.


How to prevent unnecessary downtime after a Drobo failure?

In case of server failure, you need to shut it down right away. This will help in preserving your media in its original condition and can increase your chances of quick, full data recovery. If you continue operating your server, you may overwrite files and damage the media. You should also avoid repairing or rebuilding the Drobo by yourself. To minimize downtime, you should contact a data recovery expert for speedy data recovery.

What type of Drobo data loss cases you can handle?

At Platinum Data Recovery, our team is qualified to recover data in circumstances such as multiple disk failures, a malware attack, natural disaster, physical damage, etc. No matter how you’ve lost data, we have the expertise to retrieve your lost files. We can recover data from crashed Drobo NAS, failed multiple disks, failed controller, unrecognized drives, degraded array, missing drive, and so on.

What should I look for when choosing the Drobo NAS data recovery company?

To retrieve lost data from Drobo devices, it’s important to find a data recovery company that has specialized tools and an experienced engineering team. The company should have a certified cleanroom. This is important if one or more hard drives in your Drobo system have physical damages. When choosing a company, consider factors like proper testimonial letters from previous customers, success rate, and customer reviews.

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About Drobo

Drobo is located in San Jose, California, and was founded in 2005 originally as Data Robotics. The name was changed in 2011 since Drobo had become a more familiar name. In 2013, Drobo merged with Connected Data, which is the name they are now under. Drobo has remained the name of their product line.

Drobo has created a large line of RAID external storage devices (trademarked BeyondRAID) in a range of types including NAS, DAS, and SAN products. Their products can contain anywhere between four to twelve 3.5” or 2.5” hard disk drives. Drobo is unique, in that it created a system that allows users to mix and match drives of different speeds, capacities, and types. This is a completely different system than the industry standard.

Drobo primarily created this design to allow people to install and remove the hard drives without manual data migration. It also means that the users can enhance their storage without worrying about the drive order, compatibility, data loss, or downtime. Depending on how much data the unit stores, up to 3 drives can fail without losing information, provided that the data is restored onto the remaining good drive before another fails. Management software isn’t required either, as the RAID system appears as one drive to the operating system.

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