Drobo Data Recovery


Drobo is located in San Jose, California, and was founded in 2005 originally as Data Robotics. The name was changed in 2011 since Drobo had become a more familiar name. In 2013, Drobo merged with Connected Data, which is the name they are now under. Drobo has remained the name of their product line.

Drobo has created a large line of RAID external storage devices (trademarked BeyondRAID) in a range of types including NAS, DAS and SAN products. Their products can contain anywhere between four to twelve 3.5” or 2.5” SCSI hard disk drives. Drobo is unique, in that it created a system that allows users to mix and match drives of different speeds, capacities, and types. This is a completely different system than the industry standard. They primarily created this design to allow people to install and remove the hard drives without manual data migration. It also means that the users can enhance their storage without worrying about the drive order, compatibility, data loss, or down time. Depending on how much data the unit stores, up to 3 drives can fail without losing information, provided that the data is restored onto the remaining good drive before another fails. Management software isn’t required either, as the RAID system appears as one drive to the operating system.

Drobo Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Drobo
  • Drobo S series
  • Drobo 5D
  • Drobo 5N
  • Drobo FS
  • Drobo Mini
  • DroboPro series
  • DroboProFS
  • Drobo B800fs
  • DroboElite
  • Drobo B800i
  • Drobo B1200i

 Common Problems

The drives can experience the same issues as any other in the sense that they can suffer from logical and physical trauma. If some type of virus, malware or any other malicious software were to install then it risks the integrity of the drive. Hard drives do wear and fail after a period of time, but they can experience complications if they are dropped, overheated, or tampered with. If clicking is heard, then turn off the computer immediately and call us. Turning it back on can cause further damage to the drive and the loss of data.

The downside to this format is that the disks use the Drobo configuration, which means they cannot be used for or read on any other system. Do not attempt to mount them to anything but a Drobo product. If you want to be able to swap the drives into another system, but still expand your storage with drives of different capacities, alternatives would be Netgear’s X-RAID, Synology’s Hybrid RAID, or LaCie’s SimplyRAID systems.

Why Choose Us?

Handling drives used for a Drobo platform can be tricky, and Platinum Data Recovery will provide you with the most secure and comprehensive recovery options in the industry. Our engineers have the skills and the resources necessary to recover data from any piece of equipment regardless of manufacturer, interface, system or configuration. We understand that recovering this information can be critical and time-sensitive, so don’t let you or your business wait for a lesser form of resolve. Call us now!