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CalDigit Data Recovery

Platinum Data Recovery can restore your lost or inaccessible data from CalDigit devices. If you’ve lost data from your CalDigital SSD or if your device is not getting detected due to physical damages, our team can help you. Seeking professional assistance maximizes the success rate of CalDigital data recovery from all data storage devices. Irrespective of the type of media and cause of data loss, our experts will be able to recover the deleted or lost data from all media. Our team takes the highest precautions when recovering your data. We have set up a specialized Cleanroom to ensure that your device is handled in the cleanest and most secure environment.

CalDigit Data Recovery

CalDigit products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• CalDigit AV Pro 2 Storage Hub
• CalDigit Tuff
• Tuff nano

CalDigit Storage Devices Data Loss

Platinum Data Recovery Services provides a number of data recovery services. Whether you have dropped their external storage hard drive or spilled coffee on your USB drive, we can recover lost data in an event of physical and logical damage. With certified technicians and experienced engineers, we are one of the only companies capable of safely recovering data from mechanically damaged hard drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays, and other devices. As a client-focused organization, we take pride in our high quality, honest and reliable service. At Platinum Data Recovery, we strive to retrieve your lost data in the quickest time frame possible without further damaging your media. Our data recovery team works in a fully equipped state of the art data recovery lab featuring an ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room to achieve the highest success rate in the industry. With years of experience, we have become proficient to save critical data for both commercial and private clients.

With us, you get the very best chance of recovering your precious data. With our in-house proprietary tools and most advanced cleanrooms, we can recover data from all brands and types of USB drives and external drives, as well as RAID servers. We perform data recovery operations for accidentally corrupted databases, file system corruption, deleted files, missing folders, and more. Whenever you need data retrieved from your business-grade servers or RAID cluster array, we have the equipment and skills needed to perform even the most complicated data recovery jobs. We have decades of experience performing highly technical yet successful data recoveries.


Is it possible to recover data from CalDigit External hard drive?

Users may lose data from CalDigit external hard drive due to several reasons. Whether you’ve lost data due to file system damage, drive failure, or any other reasons, we can retrieve your lost files in all possible circumstances. Even if you have erased data by accidental deletion or formatting, Platinum Data Recovery can restore your data from CalDigit external hard drive.

How vulnerable is CalDigit Tuff 2TB USB-C hard drive to data loss?

CalDigit Tuff 2TB USB-C hard drive provides a great storage solution. This durable device can withstand rough use and can be used for keeping backups. However, despite all the benefits it has to offer, the CalDigit 2Tb Tuff USB-C hard drives can sooner or later suffer a breakdown. Users may face data loss either due to logical or >physical failures. Just like any other electronic device, CalDigit Tuff 2TB USB-C hard drive is also vulnerable to hardware problems, malicious viruses, system crashes, or user error.

Is it safe to use free data recovery software?

If data is irreplaceable and you are not a data recovery expert, we do not recommend doing it. A quick search on Google will give you a list of hundreds of free data recovery software. You can also easily find numerous DIY data recovery tutorials online. Some of the tips and software available online may help you but make sure to exercise caution when using them. In most cases, using free software to retrieve data lead to permanent data loss due to the data being overwritten.

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About CalDigit

CalDigit develops storage solutions for the content creation industry. As a hardware manufacturer and online retailer, the company specializes in Thunderbolt and USB-C technology docking stations and storage devices. CalDigit builds and assembles high-quality products to offer excellent customer satisfaction. Starting from early USB 3.0 adoption all the way to Thunderbolt 3, CalDigit continues to connect people with the latest technological advancements. CalDigit, headquarter in the heart of Southern California, Orange County, has worldwide branches in U.K., Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Since 2006, the company is engaged in producing dependable storage for creative professionals such as TUFF NANO, T4 RAID, AV PRO 2, External Storage & USB Hub, and more. These devices help people to connect and empower their workflows and make their daily work experiences better. To ensure brilliant product quality, all CalDigit devices are fully certified and tested. However, device failure and data loss is inevitable. If the files stored on your CalDigit media becomes inaccessible, Platinum Data Recovery can help!

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