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Mediasonic Data Recovery

When it comes to data loss, not all companies offer Mediasonic data recovery service. Home users and businesses may experience data loss due to several reasons. Mediasonic products may suffer data loss either due to physical damage or logical error. To help users get back their data, we provide 24/7 data recovery services. Our team can recover lost data from failed internal hard disk drives, external hard drives, SSDs, and USB thumb drives. Whether it’s a dead hard drive, server failure, or undetected USB drive, no data recovery case is impossible for us. We are the best in the industry at handling physical hard drive failures and logical data corruption. We have a state-of-the-art Certified ISO Cleanroom environment to safely recover your data.

Mediasonic Data Recovery

Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• Mediasonic ProBox 2.5′ SATA HDD / SSD External Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic USB 3.1 Type C 8 Bay 3.5-inch Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProBox 3.5′ SATA HDD External Enclosure – USB 3.0
• Mediasonic PRO RAID 4 Bay 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProBox 4 Bay 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProBox H82-SU3S2 8 Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic USB 3.1 Gen 2 2.5′ SATA SSD / Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProBox N37-SU3 3.5′ SATA HDD External Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProBox 4 Bay 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic PRORAID 4 Bay 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic Lay-Flat USB 3.0 2.5-inch & 3.5-inch SATA SSD / Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProRaid 2 Bay 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure – USB 3.1
• Mediasonic ProRaid 2 Bay 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
• Mediasonic ProBox 3.5′ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

Mediasonic Data Loss

We know how valuable your personal information, videos, photos, and music is to you and your family. To avoid permanent loss of data from Mediasonic devices, we take several precautions to prevent further media corruption or contamination. Our experts perform data recovery in a clean room with the latest equipment to meet technical requirements. Our data recovery solutions assure that your drive isn’t further damaged. Platinum data recovery specialists use innovative recovery techniques to save not only your data but also your time and money. Our expertise and experience in the data recovery industry give us the confidence to promise you guaranteed results.

A DIY attempt to rebuild or re-input your lost data may lead to permanent data loss. We can help you to prevent this situation from happening. Our data recovery experts routinely work on highly complex projects to recover data from even the most damaged devices. When you choose us, you get peace of mind that your media and data are in safe hands. Our team can recover your data in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have the expertise to recover data from devices that are considered “unrecoverable” by other companies. Often customers lose all hopes because other companies tell them that their valuable data is not recoverable. In that case, before you lose all hope, please contact us. We have an in-house Research & Development team to create cutting edge hardware and software solutions for complex cases. This differentiates us from the rest because we succeed where other labs fail.


Should I use a free hard drive data recovery software to restore my lost files?

The simple answer to this question is No. Although using free data recovery software is the easiest way to recover lost files, it’s still not recommended. This is because most of the software available fails to recover lost data and may even cause further damages to the drive. In the case of accidental file deletion, data recovery software could potentially overwrite data and make recovery even more complex. Also, no software can fix a physically damaged hard drive. So, it’s best to contact a data recovery professional to get back your lost data safely.

What is the difference between physical and logical damage?

Your hard drive and other data storage devices may encounter physical damage or logical error that lead to data loss. Physical damage refers to mechanical failures such as head crashes, faulty circuit boards (PCBs), or failed motors. These damages can occur due to factors like dropping the drive, spilling liquid on the device, or fire damage. Repairing a physically damaged drive to recover data involves opening the drive and using parts replacements from other drives (same model). Logical damage also leads to data loss by making files inaccessible. Common causes of logical errors are power outages, malicious viruses, system crashes, or user error.

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About Mediasonic

Mediasonic manufactures external hard drive storage devices, and Apple products accessories. The products of Mediasonic are popular among users but data loss is inevitable. But Platinum Data Recovery is the name you can trust for Mediasonic data recovery services. We understand how frustrating it can be to find your data inaccessible. Mediasonic products may suffer data loss either due to physical damage or logical error. When your files become inaccessible due to any reason, our recovery experts can restore your data. Our expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively recover lost data in even the most difficult circumstances. We are the proven leader in providing all Mediasonic media data recovery solutions at an affordable rate. Data recovery engineers at Platinum Data Recovery make sure to provide fast services effectively and efficiently. Professional tools and years of experience allow us to provide guaranteed results.AA

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