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Emergency Data Recovery

What if all of a sudden your valuable business data becomes corrupt or inaccessible? If you’ve lost your important business files or precious personal data, we can help! We offer Emergency Data Recovery Services for clients who need an immediate solution. At Platinum Data Recovery, our data recovery specialists are available 24/7 to retrieve your lost data in the quickest possible time. As one of the leading data recovery companies, we provide the fastest turnaround time. Over the years, we have successfully responded to hundreds of emergency data recovery cases. We understand the true nature of an emergency and know how to react to an emergency as it presents itself. Our team is available 24/7 to recover your critical data, with fast turnaround time. With the 95% recovery rate in previous cases, we have become the most competent and reliable data recovery service provider. Our Emergency Data Recovery Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year because we understand the severity of the situation. The minute we receive your device at our facility, our data recovery engineers will start performing the diagnosis immediately. Once the evaluation process is complete, we will provide you details of your case, expected recovery time, and exact cost of data recovery. Our emergency data recovery team will keep you informed every step of the way. Whether it’s your personal data or business documents, we treat all cases of data recovery with utmost care and perfection. When you choose us, our qualified data recovery technicians will make sure to understand your specific needs.

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With an on-site ISO 5 Class 100 clean room
and a team of certified engineers with years of experience,
your data will be in the best hands in the business. The Emergency Data Recovery solutions offered by Platinum Data Recovery include Standard Emergency Data Recovery, First Response Emergency Data Recovery, and RAID Emergency Data Recovery. Based on the severity of your situation, you can choose the perfect solution for your unique data recovery needs. Depending on how fast you need your data back, we offer different service levels to meet your needs.

Emergency Help

We offer three types of Emergency Data Recovery solutions:
Standard Emergency Data Recovery;
First Response Emergency Data Recovery;
and RAID Emergency Data Recovery.

Standard Emergency Data Recovery

This service is available for users who need expedited data recovery. Under the Standard Emergency Data Recovery Service, the process of diagnostic is completed within 4 hours. The moment we receive your device arrives at our lab, our team starts working to retrieve your lost data in the quickest possible time. Losing your critical data from the hard drive or SD card can be devastating. But when you choose our Standard Data Recovery, we make it our priority to recover that lost data for you.

First Response Emergency Data Recovery

For the clients who need an immediate response, we offer First Response Emergency Data Recovery Service. In this service, our data recovery specialists work around the clock until your data is successfully recovered. This type of service is most suited for companies that need their lost data quickly to keep their business running. As compared to normal data recovery service, emergency cases receive the utmost priority. We perform diagnosis within 3 hours or sooner and keep working 24/7 until your data is successfully recovered. During the entire process, our representative will keep updating you on the status of your case. Whether you choose Standard Service or First Response Emergency Data Recovery Service, we perform diagnosis for all cases of data loss. Our diagnosis report will include the cause of data loss, the recommended solution, a fixed price quote, and delivery schedules. At each service level, Platinum Data Recovery technicians utilize the most advanced tools and best techniques to restore as much data as possible. From hard drive and MicroSD Cards to iPhone and NAS devices, we offer emergency data recovery services for all storage media available.

RAID Emergency Data Recovery

Recommended if the data is lost from a RAID. With the RAID Emergency Data Recovery plan, the recovery of your RAID will become our utmost priority. Diagnostic completed within 3 hours or sooner after your RAID device arrives at our lab. Our highly trained First Response engineers will work nonstop until your data is recovered. A customer service representative will update you frequently on the status of your case.


What does diagnosis involve?

When we receive your storage device, our data recovery experts perform an extensive diagnostic to determine the condition of the storage device and data stored on it. We begin the diagnosis process by determining the extent of damage and cause of the problem. Our team finds out whether the problem is logical, physical, or both. This helps us in figuring out the best method of recovery. Diagnosis also helps you to find out how much time will be needed for data recovery and the cost of recovery.

How long does the diagnosis process take?

When we receive a storage device for diagnostic, we take 3 to 4 hours of time to evaluate the issue. The Standard Emergency Data Recovery service takes 4 hours to complete diagnosis while the First Response Emergency Data Recovery service takes 3 hours or less. Once the diagnosis is complete, we provide a report/quote to the client about the problem with your device, chances for recovery, estimated time needed, and the firm price quote. Once we receive your approval, we begin the recovery process in our lab.

How long does data retrieval take?

The time taken to recover your lost data depends on the extent of damage and size of your data. All cases of data recovery are different and require unique processes and timelines. In case of emergency data recovery, we take 3-4 hours for diagnosis, followed by the recovery process. Our data recovery engineers work around the clock until your data is successfully recovered.

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