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IBM Data Recovery

If you need a data loss solution for IBM servers and storage systems, look no further! Platinum Data Recovery provides the fastest and safest IBM data recovery services for all IBM devices- from personal computers to enterprise-level web servers. We have the industry’s highest recovery success rates and our experienced teams can recover data from virtually any system. Whatever the brand, make, model, or operating system you have, our data recovery engineers are qualified to efficiently recover data from all devices. With years of experience in the data recovery industry, we have become competent to retrieve files from all IBM servers and Thinkpad systems including xSeries servers, SAN, and NAS appliances, as well as hard drives and other devices. We adhere to international standards to assure the privacy of your data.

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IBM Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

• IBM eServer xSeries
• IBM eServer Storage Series
• IBM eServer BladeCenter Series
• IBM Linux OpenPower Series
• IBM Linux pSeries
• IBM Linux iSeries
• IBM Linux Cluster 1350
• IBM Linux zSeries
• IBM Desktop ThinkCentre A Series
• IBM Desktop ThinkCentre M Series
• IBM ThinkPad X, R, T & G series
• IBM Storwize Series
• IBM Flex Systems
• IBM Cisco Series
• IBM FlashSystem 840 & V840
• IBM Ultrastar Series
• IBM Deskstar Series
• IBM Travelstar Series

Common Problems

Despite being the inventors for it, their hard drives can be prone to issues from time to time just like any other manufacturer. They can suffer both logical and physical failures. Logical issues can include deleted files, deleted partitions, disk reformatting, viruses or malware. If the drive is dropped, overheated, or experiences any other trauma it can result in damage to the read/write head or damage to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). If you hear any clicking, tapping, or buzzing, stop the use of the drive immediately and turn the machine off. Turning it back on or even powering it up can cause further damage to the platters and result in possible loss of data. If you hear anything strange, call us immediately!

Why Choose Us?

No matter what the issue, the professionals at Platinum Data Recovery can assist you! Our engineers have over 15 years of experience handling IBM’s various products, and we keep up to date on their latest innovations. We have, on-site, an ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom that gives our engineers the ability to recover your information safely. We also have a plethora of software programs, and a few of our own design, that enable us to retrieve the maximum amount of data from your storage device. Don’t put your important information at risk; trust the experts here at Platinum Data Recovery! Call us now!

State of the Art Technology for IBM Data Recovery

IBM is one of the largest providers of data storage solutions. It is known for producing exceptional high-end devices, popular servers, and efficient storage systems. The superior technology used by IBM means that if anything goes wrong, you need data recovery experts with exclusive technical IBM knowledge. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have invested heavily in research and development to safely perform data recovery on IBM devices. As a result, we have emerged as the most trusted data recovery service and most IBM customers rely on us due to our high success rate. We have skills and equipment needed to recover data from all the types and models of IBM hard drive including IBM Deskstar and Travelstar Series. We have maintained world-class infrastructure and our technicians adhere to the international standards to assure risk-free data recovery.

As one of the leading IBM hard drives recovery service providers, we are the first choice of businesses, as well as individuals for recovering data from IBM devices. When you choose us, you can expect quick data recovery, efficient turnaround times, and confidentiality. IBM has played a major role in the world of technology. But data loss may occur due to various reasons such as physical damage, natural disasters, virus attack, overheated drive, firmware corruption, etc. If you’ve lost data from your IBM hard drive for any reason, you may reach out to us to maximize the chances of recovery. As experts at recovering data from IBM devices, we can recover up to 100% data from external or internal IBM hard drives.


What should I do when I suspect a problem with my IBM storage device?

If you notice any issue or data becomes inaccessible, do not try to fix the problem yourself. You may think about using some software but remember that an unsuccessful attempt could make things worse and may make it harder for us to recover your data. To prevent further damage, turn off the system, and contact us!

What is the diagnosis process and why is it important?

When we receive any storage device for recovering lost data, our experts first perform an extensive analysis of the device to determine its condition. This helps us in determining whether the problem is physical (hardware), logical (software), or both. The entire diagnosis process helps our team to find out the reasons and severity of data loss to provide the client with an exact cost of data recovery.

Do you have the expertise to recover lost data from IBM hard drive and other storage devices?

At Platinum Data Recovery, we have invested in state-of-art equipment to ensure quick and effective data recovery. Regardless of the make and model of your storage media, we know the best techniques to recover data from most hard drives, including IBM and other storage devices. Our data recovery specialists operate in certified ISO 5 Class 100 cleanrooms that maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space.

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About IBM

IBM (The International Business Machines Corporation), was founded in 1911 originally as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company, or CTR. In 1924, International Business Machines was adopted. A common nickname for the company as well as Big Blue, as they are known for using the color blue in their packaging, logo and most products.

The company originally produced products such as the dial recorder, the computing scale, and a time clock to record an employee’s work hours on paper. In 1914, after the employment of Thomas J. Watson Sr., the company began to focus on solutions for large businesses as opposed to a small office. Revenue more than doubled, and Watson became president of the company. In 1937 IBM became the primary provider of business solutions to the U.S. Government; their equipment allowing them to process extraordinary amounts of data. The first “self-learning” program ever (a computer that would play checkers and learn from its own experience) was programmed by IBM in 1956, giving the first example of the concept of artificial intelligence. This was the same year that IBM introduced the Hard Disk Drive. A landmark in 1960; they created and began improving upon the first floppy disks. In 1961 they developed a reservation system for American Airlines called SABRE, and only 2 years later assisted NASA to track the orbital flight of the Mercury Astronauts. They continued to stay in the game of space exploration, including the 1969 mission to put a man on the moon.

Their first computer systems were announced in 1964, and 10 years later the laser scanning barcode reader you see today in stores was introduced. While the company experienced heavy losses in the ’90s after selling Lexmark, by 2002 they have rebuilt again thanks to the company’s close discussions with its 50,000 employees. In 2005, their personal computer business was sold to Lenovo, and they began concentrating on data-encryption. Their love of A.I.’s never ceased though, and they gained worldwide recognition for Watson, an artificial intelligence program presented on Jeopardy! (It won against champions, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings). They have since created a partnership with Apple Inc. and Twitter, for further use of the Watson program. It’s readily apparent that IBM’s inventions and innovations changed the world of computers.

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