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XQD Card Data Recovery

Are you frequently getting an error message when you turn on your camera? If you receive an error message stating “card cannot be accessed” or “reinsert/ format card”, it means that your card is corrupted. If you can’t access data on your XQD card, contact us! Platinum Data Recovery is a full-service data recovery company offering professional XQD card data recovery services.

XQD cards are one of the most advanced and latest cards in the market as of 2019. In the future, CFexpress cards will take over. This new card format is commonly found in high-level professional cameras to store large volume pictures and video recordings.

XQD cards are known for their physical strength and have robust protection from corruption and failure. However similar to other portable digital storage devices, it cannot escape from common data loss issues. This card comes with features to protect the data but frequent usage exposes the card to different levels of damage and corruption. And when this happens, the camera user receives an error message.

#1 Rated XQD Card Recovery Company

#1 Rated XQD Card Recovery Company

What We Offer

Platinum Data Recovery offers XQD Card Data recoveries with fully-equipped state-of-the-art labs staffed by dedicated full-time data recovery engineers to recover your lost data. As a reliable XQD data recovery company, we are extremely proud to have earned the highest success rate.

Sometimes, users format their XQD cards, either by accident or on purpose. When the data on the card gets corrupted, your computer or camera will ask you to format it, and that’s the time when users may accidentally format their cards. This also happens because most digital cameras have a ‘format’ option and any careless operation by touching this option could result in complete data loss. No matter how you’ve lost your data, our XQD Data Recovery Services can help you.

XQD Card Data Loss Reasons

There are a number of other reasons which results in the loss of precious data from XQD cards, such as-

  • Using the camera during low battery or frequent power surge
  • Physical damage like a heavy drop or water drowning
  • Abrupt removal of the XQD card from camera or computer without a safe ejection
  • Accidentally deleting files from an XQD card while working on either camera or computer.
  • Performing complete formatting of XQD card
  • Virus infection due to using the card across multiple digital devices

In 2019, the XQD memory card became quite popular among digital cameras and camcorder users. Due to the increased popularity and rising demand for XQD cards, the need for XQD card data recovery is also rapidly increased. No matter what type of memory card you’re using, you may experience data loss at some point. Although card manufacturing companies are improving their technology to produce more reliable cards, data loss still occasionally happens. Having a formatted or damaged XQD card is an extremely stressful situation because it will erase all your important photos, videos, and documents. If you’ve lost your data stored on the XQD card, it becomes crucial to seek the services of an XQD Data Recovery Company. But before that, make sure to prevent overwriting new data to your XQD card.

What is an XQD Card?

XQD is a media card format that is superior to CF technology in terms of writing speed, transfer speed, and large storage space. This card was designed to be a successor to the CompactFlash card. XQD cards are found in several professional high-end cameras like Nikon and Sony. The XQD slots feature is available in Nikon D4 and D4s, D5, D850, the APS-C format D500, and the new Nikon Z7. As compared to other available card formats, XQD cards have a somewhat different physical appearance. The main feature of this card format is the writing speed— a theoretical max speed of 1 GB per second. It is the blazing-fast read/write speeds and high capacity storage that makes XQD format popular among videographers and photographers. This card has a maximum storage capacity of over 2 TB- perfect for storing large amounts of RAW NEF files and/or video files. It also offers quick transfer rates from card to computer.

XQD cards are designed to be fast and physically robust. This card can work in all kinds of climate conditions and has robust protection from corruption and failure. Although the chances of card failure are very low, you may lose data for one reason or another. When you do experience data loss, we are here to help you. At Platinum Data Recovery, we will first diagnose the issue and then make sure to have your precious data recovered from an XQD card.

#1 Rated XQD Card Recovery Company

Why us for XQD Card Data Recovery?

We are a reliable & dependable data recovery service provider, whom you can trust. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a brand you can trust with your critical data. This trust comes from our transparent data recovery approach to every lost data case. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have qualified data recovery experts, advanced tools, state-of-art laboratories, as well as an in-house research and development team. For XQD card data loss, we have an excellent track record of recovering most of the lost data. We have become one of the leading Data Recovery Companies because of our high success rate, affordable pricing, and quick results. We are trusted by hundreds of XQD card users for recovering data from simple to complex cases.

As a certified and experienced XQD card data recovery company, we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We are also audited regularly to ensure we meet industry standards to keep your data secure. For us, your convenience and privacy are of utmost importance. To help you get back your lost files, we provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We understand that data loss sets you back in both your work and personal life. If you’re unable to access your XQD card data, we are here to help you.


Why XQD Cards are popular among digital cameras and camcorder users?

XQD card is the successor to the CompactFlash card and is famously known for its fast data reading and writing speeds. These cards are usually found in professional high-end cameras like Nikon and Sony because they offer amazing speeds to capture and process digital pictures and videos. XQD card is compatible with several cameras that offer great flexibility to camera users.

Is it possible to retrieve corrupted or deleted files from the Sony XQD card?

If you have lost or accidentally deleted your photos or videos from your Sony XQD card, it is possible to recover them. When your files go missing, first you should stop further usage of the card. Don’t try to format your card or recover the items lost through unapproved options because this may lead to permanent failure of the XQD card. Some data recovery software available but the safest and most reliable method of XQD card data recovery is using the expertise of a data recovery engineer. At Platinum Data Recovery, we have specialized tools designed for retrieving lost, deleted, or formatted data from XQD card.

Do you have experience in recovering data from the XQD card?

Platinum Data Recovery is a full-service, licensed data recovery company. We have more than fifteen years of professional experience and a 95% success rate to guarantee the best data recovery services. Over the years, we have provided services to top companies and government organizations. When you chose us, you get peace of mind knowing that if we can’t recover it, no one can. Our data recovery engineers use specialized tools to recover data from XQD cards.


“From the get-go, everything went as smooth as one could hope. [Platinum Data Recovery] was fast, courteous, and most importantly honest with what the process entailed.”

Nicholas Hybl, Post-Production Engineer

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